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Bryant Meyers - A Brief Biography in Time

While enrolled as a physics major at Georgia Tech in the early 90’s, Bryant Meyers did something extraordinary that perfectly embodies his lifelong instinct to go against the grain to achieve revolutionary results. He took a year off from college – not to play, travel or chill, but to literally spend eight hours a day immersed in reading books on philosophy, spirituality, comparative religion, quantum physics and other things that would help him answer life’s deeper questions.

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“I’ve always been driven to find out, Who am I?” he says. “Why do I act the way I act? Where did we come from? What is the origin and nature of the Universe? I loved exploring not just the physical Universe but its spiritual dimensions, the esoteric philosophy of reality, and do meditation to experience the god within as a means to discover my true self. My love of physics stemmed from a deep yearning for understanding these questions. It also stemmed from my interest in energy medicine, health and wellness.”

During Meyers’ final year as an undergrad, his senior research project was on Radionics – one of the earliest forms of energy medicine - and healing with frequencies. Eager to soak in everything he could, he lived for a time with his teacher, one of the top Radionics practitioners in the world. Though he admits that many of his presentations met with only blank stares and half hearted applause, he was hooked. His years of learning frequency medicine left him with a home where he could artfully combine his multitude of passions for physics, biology, consciousness, health, wellness and longevity.

While enrolled as a physics major at Georgia Tech in the early 90’s, Bryant Meyers did something extraordinary that perfectly embodies his lifelong instinct to go against the grain to achieve revolutionary results. He took a year off from college – not to play, travel or chill, but to literally spend eight hours a day immersed in reading books on philosophy, spirituality, comparative religion, quantum physics and other things that would help him answer life’s deeper questions.

Meyers’ path to becoming one of the world’s experts in the groundbreaking science of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) was dynamic and unconventional. His position at the Health Hutt health food store led him to host the popular Michigan based TV show “Forever Young,” which taught people how to grow younger naturally. He became a nutritionist and was a physics/math professor at Central Michigan, Baker College and Muskegon Community College. He spent over 18 years researching, testing and investigating over $500,000 worth of energy medicine and equipment and studied with many of the world’s experts.

PEMF Devices
iMRS 2000

For the uninitiated, PEMF is an FDA approved reparative technique used in pain reduction (the reason most people purchase a PEMF device), tissue and wound healing, bone regeneration, the orthopedic treatment of non-union fractures and failed fusions, congenital pseudarthrosis and depression. In the case of bone healing, PEMF uses directed pulsed magnetic fields through injured tissue, believed to stimulate cellular repair.

PEMF is quickly becoming part of our culture’s mainstream alternative medicine thanks to public endorsements by well known physicians like Dr. Oz, who in 2011 aired a special segment of his show on the pain-relieving effects of PEMF devices. Backed by his panel of experts, Dr. Oz cited PEMF therapy machines as one of the most important breakthroughs in pain management that he’s ever discovered.

Bryant Meyers

Meyers thinks of PEMF therapy as a “whole body battery recharger.” He has personally helped thousands of people with energy medicine and PEMF therapy devices to achieve pain relief, better sleep and overall better health.

A successful entrepreneur, his company Energy Ways sells numerous products, including the iMRS 2000 (Intelligent Magnetic Resonance Stimulation), which uses earth based Schumann Frequencies and has a built in intelligent biorhythm clock.

Aside from the development and marketing of PEMF based energy medicine systems and sharing his expertise via outlets like his popular YouTube channel, the crown jewel of Meyers’ years of dedication and research is his revolutionary estselling book “PEMF – The 5th Element of Health,” published in 2013. Its success has given Meyers an opportunity to share his vast expertise on GalamTV, Hayhouse Radio and “The Brian Tracy Show,” hosted by the bestselling author, motivational speaker and global success expert; Meyers’ segment has been shown on various ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox affiliates around the country.

Bryant Meyers

In the 212-page volume, Meyers – as per his provocative subtitle - draws on powerful scientific research to help readers learn why PEMF can supercharge our health like nothing else. He makes (and backs up with substantial research) the bold claim that the modern allopathic medical model is based on treatments rooted in the outdated, mechanistic reductionist science of Newtonian physics (as promulgated by Sir Isaac Newton in the 17th Century).

The author believes that a modern concept called Quantum Field Theory – with mass and energy having an equivalence that allows energy produced in the field excitation to potentially be transformed into mass – could possibly shatter the brittle glass separating our subjective experience from outward objective reality.

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One of Meyers’ main theses is that the earth’s magnetic field and its corresponding PEMFs are as important to our health as food, water, sunlight and oxygen. The Schumann and Geomagnetic frequencies, the two main components of Earth’s PEMFs, are so essential that NASA and the Russian space program equip their spacecrafts with devices that replicate them. In Meyers’ view, these frequencies are absolutely necessary for the human body’s circadian rhythms, energy production and even keeping the body free from pain. While certainly not intended as a substitute for the recommendations of physicians or other health care providers, he devotes much of “PEMF – The 5th Element of Health” to practical health benefits of PEMF therapy.

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To lay his foundation, Meyers – ever-committed to teaching, sharing and demonstrating that the field of energy medicine is the future of health and wellness - sheds light on a fascinating new way to look at the human body. We have over 100 trillion cells, and there are around 500 billion chemical reactions happening every second in our bodies. He insists that the mainstream models for explaining it as a mechanistic or biological machine is insufficient to describe the human body’s majesty and complexity. Energy medicine, quantum biology and the new understandings in biophysics are giving a whole new picture of the human body as primarily an energetic, holographic field of energy information which communicates via bio-photons. The PEMF therapy actually goes along with this new understanding of the human body and can assist the body energetically in healing itself.

“One of my main missions and passions is to help people take responsibility for improving their health, rather than letting themselves go through bad living habits and running to medical professionals to solve all their problems,” says Meyers. “It’s all about selfempowerment. The book’s goal is to inspire readers with practical tips on how to take health into their own hands via things like proper diet and hydration, full spectrum sunlight, proper exercise and sleep and finding ways to connect with the natural energy fields of the earth.

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“I’ve also made it my mission to teach people that we are more than just a physical body, that we have a Bio-energetic Holographic body based on these energy fields, information fields and consciousness. These fields are measurable by science, very real and extend up to 15 feet into space, as detected by sensitive magnetic field detectors. The great news is that this amazing holographic and energetic body has a near infinite intelligence and capacity to heal itself if we just take responsibility for our health and give the body all the elements it needs.”

Early on in his life and studies, Meyers realized he had an equal passion for spirituality. Living at a yoga retreat center for four years and spending six months in India with a focus on meditation in his 20s, he at one point considered becoming a monk. In a non religious way, he came to view the body as a “temple of God” and to believe that keeping one’s body clean and energized allowed easier access to the experience of God within. In light with this, he devotes a chapter in his book to “Schumann Resonance, Earth Frequencies & The Body-Mind-Earth Connection.” His exploration on PEMF includes shedding light on understanding how connected we are to the planet in both scientific and spiritual ways.

Body Energy

“One of the beautiful takeaways from all of my studies is understanding the many ways science shows us the interconnectedness of all life,” he says, “which in turn has profound implications to our physical health, our spiritual development and relationships. We can apply this holistic, interconnected worldview to anything, and our newer understanding of the universe, for those so inclined, can help people feel the divine presence within and our connectedness to all life and God. On a daily basis, we can choose to be aware moment to moment. Educating people on the reality that we literally extend beyond our physical body is a stepping stone to a higher spiritual understanding.”

Not surprisingly, Meyers’ influence has recently extended into the realm of film documentaries on various related topics. He is Associate Producer of a film called “The Connected Universe,” whose gorgeously shot trailer asks us, “What if you were connected to everyone in the world…How would your life change? What if you could see the patterns, see the beauty new ideas in science, and deepen your connection, to nature, to the stars and to each other?” It’s a film about learning to see the world differently.

THE Connected universe

The film’s director Malcolm Carter explains it as a “journey of the exploration of the interconnection of all things,” adding that connection is vital to human experience and part of who we are.” The film shows how science is beginning to show that we are indeed “all connected and all one.”

Meyers also appears in the upcoming documentary “SuperCharged,” a film that focuses on some of the exciting biological research relating to light, magnetic charge and water – the exchange of energy. In addition to being interviewed as an expert of PEMF therapy, Meyers is penning the energy medicine-focused companion book to the film; in the volume, he will discuss how to supercharge the body energetically and naturally.


The aim of the movie is to educate and entertain and ultimately challenge the current view of biology in such a way as to arm people with the ability to make small modifications to their lifestyle and habits to become SuperCharged individuals – with more energy, focus and potential. One of the taglines is “Imagine, a mind quick as lightning, a body charged with energy. No, it’s not a fictitious superhero. It’s you. SuperCharged.”

Meyers has also been invited to speak about PEMF Therapy at several conferences related to health and energy medicine. These appearances, like most every endeavor in Meyers’life, is dedicated to helping people understand how our interconnectedness to each other, the earth and the universe has real life implications on how we live optimally day to day. He has over 100 testimonials from people who have benefited from his expertise and PEMF technology that has made a quantitative difference in their lives.

“Stated simply,” he says, “it feels good to help people with their health and help alleviate their pain in ways they may have never considered. Again, what motivates me is the opportunity to empower people to take responsibility for their well being. On a deeper, more personal level, I love the fact that my years of scientific studies have helped me towards a deep experience of connectedness. Being able to go to those deeper levels within myself motivates me to live in the light of that and share it with others.

“Real wisdom comes from applied knowledge, Meyers adds, “The incredible things I have learned over the years from healers, spiritual gurus and energy medicine experts have helped me to experience my true self beneath all of the conventional things that usually define us. It’s all a means to experience the blissful divine presence within that overflows to that feeling of connectedness to all of life. The deeper the experience, the more connected you feel.”


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