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The Rapid Decline of the Earth Magnetic Field - Part 2 of 2

Scientific American magazine

A May 1988 issue of Scientific American magazine detailed today’s ongoing degrading of the Earth’s once powerful magnetic field. It’s now measured at about 50% of the intensity that it was several centuries ago. Scientists calculated that if this degradation continues, there will not be a sufficient magnetic field to support life within 1,500 years. It has fallen the most during the last 300 years.

The article mentioned that the Royal Navy has detailed log books of the Earth’s magnetic field over the last 300 years. That further confirms that our Earth’s magnetic field has definitely been declining.

The question is why? Possibility #1 is that maybe the Earth’s core is cooling. Moving liquid is critical for the electrons to move around the outer core. If the core cools, then the inner dynamo that is creating the magnetic field will slow down.

Mars is a much smaller planet and it’s colder so it cooled off more rapidly. That’s how Mars’ magnetic field became extinct. The core cooled – the currents failed to continue to circulate – and the magnetic field disappeared.

Will what happened to Mars happen to the Earth? The Earth’s core is also cooling, but the Earth is much bigger, the core is much hotter, and we’re closer to the sun. Our core temperature is declining, but only at about 100 degrees per billion years. This means that we have a core that will continue to burn for several billion years into the future. That is not the reason that our Earth’s magnetic field is declining.


So if it’s not the Earth’s core cooling, what else could it possibly be? The first evidence to explain the decline was found in the volcanoes in Hawaii. When there’s a volcanic eruption on the islands of Hawaii, the lava descends down and cools into the Pacific Ocean. And just like the clay pottery, the iron eposits in the lava become agnetized as the lava cools. Both the intensity and the direction of the Earth’s magnetic field is captured in the lava. You can see millions of years worth of history of the magnetic field this way. As you dig deeper into the lava you go backwards in time. You can see how the magnetic field has changed over millions of years.

What we find is interesting; the magnetic field of the Earth actually switches polarity on average every 300-thousand years. And there has not been a pole reversal in about 780-thousand years, so we are much overdo for a reversal. A pole reversal does not mean that the Earth itself flips upside down; that’s a pole shift. A pole reversal is when the magnetic north and south switch polarity. Our sun switches magnetic polarity every twelve years or so. But the Earth is much slower and more chaotic.

There’s further evidence to support this on the ocean floor. Through plate tectonics and continental drift, we know the Earth’s plates move and shift. In certain areas where the plates are moving apart from each other, there is matter from the Earth’s core seeping up into the ocean. This cooled matter becomes polarized to the current magnetic field of the Earth in both direction and intensity.

Earth layers

Scientists have seen this pole reversal around the world on average every 300-thousand years. Yet, it’s been 780-thousand years since the last pole reversal.

The next very interesting piece of evidence comes from computer simulations. The simulations further explain why an upcoming pole reversal could cause the magnetic field to be weaker. NASA did computer simulations using a model created by Glatzmaier and Roberts. The findings were published in Nature magazine. The tubes represent the magnetic field line; the blue when the field points toward the center and the yellow when it points away. The dense cluster of lines is within the north and south because that’s where the field is the strongest. These computer simulations involve dozens of equations that were solved using supercomputers over four years to determine how the magnetic field of the Earth will evolve. What they found was that it did reverse polarity every hundred thousand years or so and when it reversed, the magnetic field always became weaker before and during the reversal.


Reversals also start with magnetic anomalies that are patches where the field lines are going in the wrong direction. The normal flow of magnetic field on the Earth is when the field lines go out the south pole and into the north pole. What’s happening right now is a South Atlantic anomaly. Fields are going in the wrong direction; when they should be going out they are going in. In this image, the big red patch is where the field is going in the wrong direction. This slows down and weakens the field lines.

We are definitely long overdue for a pole reversal. There’s even evidence that it is happening, not only with the South Atlantic anomaly, but with the wandering of the north and south poles.


This leads us to Magnetic Deficiency Syndrome. This is a condition that results from insufficient magnetic fields. There was a paper published in 1976 in a Japanese medical journal by Dr. Koichi Nakagawa. He is one of the world’s top authorities on magnetism and its therapeutic effects on the human body. He claims that the Earth’s degrading magnetic field combined with mankind’s electronic environment is responsible for Magnetic Deficiency Syndrome. Dr. Nakagawa found symptoms such as chronic pain and sleep disorders became magnified when the Earth’s pulsed magnetic field was too low. Japanese industrial workers who spend long hours inside metal buildings that block the Earth’s natural magnetic fields began to show the following symptoms: insomnia, decreased energy, dull aches, and general body pain. The installation of artificial magnetic fields alleviated these symptoms. Magnetic field therapy and pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy is the cure for Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome.

iMRS 2000

With the decline of the Earth’s magnetic field and impending pole reversal, investing in an Earth-based PEMF device may not only be wise, but an essential survival tool because the Earth’s PEMF is an essential element for health. With seven years experience helping thousands of people, I can confidently tell you that you will notice more energy, better sleep, and less pain almost immediately using a PEMF therapy device. This is especially true for devices that are inspired by the Earth’s natural intensities and frequencies.

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