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The Rapid Decline of the Earth Magnetic Field - Part 1 of 2

The Rapid Decline of the Earth’s Magnetic Field And What You Can Do To Protect Yourself

Bryant A. Meyers

My name is Bryant Meyers, author of the book PEMF – the 5th Element of Health. I want to share with you some really important information about the Earth’s magnetic field. This is information that you really need to know. The Earth’s magnetic field has experienced a sudden and alarmingly fast decline over the past couple of centuries. In this article, we are going to look at the nature of the Earth’s magnetic field, learn why it’s declining, and what you can do to protect yourself.

You’ll also learn that the Earth’s magnetic field and its geomagnetic frequencies are an essential element of health, just like food, water, air, and sunshine. I talk about this in my book, PEMF – The 5thElement of Health.

Earth Magnetic Field

Besides nourishing us, the Earth’s magnetic field forms a protective cocoon. The Earth’s cocoon, compared to Venus and Mars, is much richer and larger. This protects us from radiation from the galaxy, supernova explosions, and other cosmic events. It also protects us from the solar wind and solar flares from the Sun. The highly charged particles (protons and electrons) shoot out from the Sun and are getting bent into safe orbits that go toward the poles. That is why we can see the aurora borealis.

However, there’s storm brewing that is weakening our magnetic field. There’s something happening with our magnetic field and if it continues to decline at the current rate, it might become extinct in 1,500 years.


Is it possible we could lose our magnetic field? And what would happen if we did?

To better understand the nature of the Earth’s magnetic field and how it is created, let’s start by talking about the Earth’s core. There’s a region of our planet that no human being has ever visited. It’s a vast ocean of a billion trillion tons of molten iron with searing heat and crushing pressure. These are the conditions at the core of our Earth. The core is buried nearly 2,000 miles beneath the surface, under solid rock. It’s partly a mystery, because it’s impossible to even take any samples that deep within the Earth.

Bryant A. Meyers

Let’s look at why our core might be faltering now – why our magnetic field is declining. Peter Olson at The Johns Hopkins University says that the Earth’s ability to generate a magnetic field is faltering. Something very strange is going on. Its strength is fast declining. So fast, in fact, that according to Peter Olson it will be gone in 1,500 years if the current rate of decline continues.

This is a puzzle that is challenging scientists around the globe. To understand how the field may be declining, let’s look at how it was first created. Contrary to what you may think, the Earth does not have a big spherical magnet in the center – it’s not a solid, magnetic ball. In fact, it has a molten iron core. Whenever you have something with those properties, there’s no magnetism. You’d have to have a solid magnet to do that. But, because the outer core has free electrons, the movement of those electrons around the core of the Earth creates a magnetic field. So the circular movement of electrons around the outer core of the Earth creates the magnetic field. And according to Faraday’s Law, a changing magnetic field will create a current. This makes the Earth’s core a selfsustaining dynamo. The movement of electrons around the core produces a magnetic field, and the field keeps the current moving.

How did this all get started? The theory is that the pulsing magnetic field of the Sun got the Earth’s currents started. Without this protective force field we would be in big trouble. That’s why Mars is a dead planet now. The dynamo theory was first proposed by Albert Einstein and others. It provides a self-sustaining and very dynamic production of the Earth’s magnetic field. Now let’s address the solar wind. The Earth lives in a highly energetic environment with intense radiation and charged particles bombarding it all the time. If the weather in space is nasty, the winds that blow through the galaxy are of intensely high frequency and radiation (both gamma and cosmic rays). Some of the most harmful cosmic rays are from distant exploding stars.

SUN nuclear thermal furnace

But much nearer is our Sun; it is a nuclear thermal furnace. It flings off very dangerous material in very large explosions. Every few hours the Sun is ejecting billions of tons of electrically charged particles. This solar wind of charged particles is bombarding the Earth. In fact, the Earth lies directly in the path of this onslaught. But, as we learned earlier, the Earth’s magnetic field deflects these charged particles. And the Earth’s atmosphere filters out most of the harmful radiation. This means the solar wind is unable to penetrate the Earth’s magnetic field. Like a well-built house or bunker that shields you from weather, the Earth’s magnetic field protects us from the Sun’s solar wind and other space weather. In fact the northern lights (the aurora borealis) are evidence of the Earth’s magnetic field bending these charged particles into safe orbits. The magnetic field lines are deflecting those particles to the north and south poles.


What are the consequences of having no magnetic field? We know the Earth’s magnetic field is declining. Take a look at Mars. Hidden in the mystery of Mars lays the connection between magnetism and life. There’s evidence that Mars was once a living planet with water and perhaps even complex life. In 1996 NASA sent a satellite to Mars to test the magnetic field and other variables. Does Mars have a magnetic field? The NASA satellite, Mars Surveyor, sent back data confirming that Mars has no magnetic field currently. But, interestingly, large areas of the surface were magnetic. There was a time when Mars was very volcanic. If a strong magnetic field is present, molten volcanic rock can cool and become magnetic from iron-base minerals. Magnetism in the Martian crust proves that it must have once had a magnetic field. And it must have also lost it. In fact, NASA found that the Martian magnetic field was probably 20 to 30 times the intensity of the Earth’s magnetic field. A young Mars may have been Earth-like with water and teeming with life. But according to NASA measurements, 4-billion years ago there was a catastrophic decline. The Martian ocean and atmosphere disappeared. Without its’ magnetic field the solar wind had direct access, and like erosion in a desert, the water and atmosphere were blown away leaving the sterile red planet we see today.

If the Earth’s magnetic field disappeared, the same thing would happen. The Earth would experience the erosional effects of solar wind over time. The Earth could become a “dead” planet.


Let’s take a look at the history of Earth’s magnetic field, beginning with an unlikely source, pottery. John Shaw of the University of Liverpool found a very interesting connection between pottery and measuring the magnetic field of the Earth. Pottery acts like a magnetic tape recorder, recording the Earth’s magnetic field strength at the time it was made. Pottery is like a miniature magnetic time capsule. If we take an ancient pot, when it was cooled for the first time, it incorporated the Earth’s magnetic field of that time. If the Earth’s field is strong, then the pot will be strongly magnetized. And if the field is weak, then the pot will be weakly magnetized. The pot itself becomes slightly magnetic. When the results of the ceramics are plotted, we see changes over the span of 12,000 years. A gentle rise and a rapid fall as we approach the present day. The rate of change is higher over the last 300 years than any time in the past 5,000

years. It is falling from a strong magnetic field down to a weak field, and it’s doing so very quickly. Magnetite in the clay forms new magnetic fields when the pot is heated, similar to little compass needles. John Shaw at the University of Liverpool found a way to extract precise measurements of the Earth’s magnetic field at the time the pottery was made.

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