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A Homeopathic Approach to Energy Medicine & PEMF Therapy

Bryant Meyers Interviews Dr. David Kamnitzer

The Human Energy Field and the Healing Arts

Dr. Kamnitzer

Bryant Meyers:

Can you tell us a little about yourself and what you do?

Dr. Kamnitzer:

I’m a licensed chiropractor. I’ve been a chiropractor for over 27 years now. And I’ve been in the healing arts for almost 40 years. My practice is a blend of balancing structure, biochemistry, the inner world, and the energetic level. I also assist people with handling stress, and their communication skills.

I really see the energy field as primary. Even if you look at embryology I think you can make a really good case for the fact that energy information and the energy field is primary. Once you have fertilized egg, and the cells start dividing, and they start moving along a particular axis, and they start specializing, a really good question to ask is “How do the cells know how to do that?” The embryologist will tell you that there is absolutely no sign of any nerve tissue. There’s no sign of any nervous system in the embryo until the beginning of the third week.

That brings up a really interesting question: What is guiding the development of the embryo during the first two weeks if there’s no nervous system?"

Dr. Kamnitzer

Bryant Meyers:

I think it was Dr. Harold Saxton Burr, author of The Fields of Life, that really had some good evidence for almost like a holographic field or an energy field that was guiding the embryology. It was almost like the embryology was evolving into the field instead of creating the field. So the field is more primary.

Dr. Kamnitzer:

Exactly. If you are a good scientist and you’re open minded, that question that I posed is a very powerful question: What is guiding the development of the embryo in the first two weeks? It’s not a random process.

It’s a very ordered process that occurs almost always the same for people and the timing is not random. The timing is very by design. And the axis in which the cells migrate is very non-random. So a good scientist would say “Now, wait a minute. If there’s no nervous system at all in the embryo in the first two weeks, where is the intelligence for this? Where is the design? Where is the feedback system?”

In my mind, the field is primary. And once the physical body starts developing a life of its own, then it’s a communication process between the energy body and the physical body. Of course, there are a lot of factors that influence the energy body. Certainly the formation of the physical body is one of the things that feeds back into informing the energy body. It’s a very dynamic, living, breathing process. The advantage of approaching things holistically from the energy field, is that you’re much less likely to do things that are going to produce side effects. For example, when I’m contemplating an intervention that’s bio-chemical, I can know in advance using the methods that I use whether the intervention that I’m making is going to be accepted and appreciated by the energy field. And because I believe that the field is primary there’s now a quantum agreement that’s established between the quantum field and the physical body such that I need to give much lower doses and the response is much faster, and there’s almost no side effects.


Bryant Meyers:

That goes contrary to traditional medicine…

Dr. Kamnitzer:

It does deeper than that. It’s based on a world view, a kind of tragic, materialistic world view, that there’s this second law of thermodynamics that we’re subject to. Over time it’s a one-way ticket to the grave and we’re basically breaking down and having greater entropy all the time. And that the body is not very intelligent and therefore we have to force it in the direction that the doctor thinks it should go.

It’s failing because the view of the person and the view of the body doesn’t work when it comes to managing long term processes in the body. It works in the short term but actually backfires in the long run. Why does force backfire in the long run?

It backfires in the long run because the body ends up trying to defend against the external force. It takes the body out of its normal mode of healing and regeneration and repair. So unless you’re dealing with an emergency situation, what you want to do is catalyze the bodies own healing and intelligence. But if you’re coming from a Newtonian, artesian, scientific world view, where you’re not acknowledging the body has an intelligence of its own, that can be catalyzed, you’re not going to end up playing that game.


Doctors like myself see the body as a self-healing, self-regulating, dynamic, open system that sometimes needs a little bit of help to get unstuck. To get some of the toxic influences removed, and to have all the nutrients you need; that’s a totally different way of looking at the person and the body than the prevailing medical model today.

Of course, one of the things that’s influencing the energy field and the human body is all the electromagnetic fields that we are swimming in. The work that you guys are doing – helping the fields and helping the body to recalibrate to its natural rhythm –that’s an intervention. You can’t force that unto the body, because if it’s too forceful it will end up trying to defend itself against the force, instead of healing and reconnecting with its own natural intelligence and energy.

It can be challenging when you’re dealing with an American culture that’s been indoctrinated into this forceful approach to life, and this idea that “more is better.” And not being familiar with homeopathy and other healing methods that work on the principles that we discussed, it can be a challenging educational task to really get that message across.


One thing you might do is educate people about the fact that literally billions of people in the world right now use homeopathy as their prime health care system. Even though it’s been suppressed a bit in this country, there are countries in the world where it is the major initial intervention. And whole idea of homeopathy is that we’re using a very, very tiny stimulus to catalyze the body’s own immune system and its own healing process.

I want to volunteer my time to say that after seeing thousands of patients I can tell you that the sicker the patient, the more outof-balance the patient is, the more you have to work at deeper levels. If you want to connect with a being at a deeper level, a lot of the intervention needs to be of minimum force.

blod cell

Here’s a thought that your listeners could think about: Every second that you’re listening to this conversation, there are approximately eight million red blood cells that are being created, and approximately eight million red blood cells being broken down. Can you imagine if that was off by just one tenth of one percent? You’d be dead within a matter of days. Whatever intelligence is guiding that, is also guiding millions and millions of other things at the same time without your conscious mind having to even think about it.

The level of intelligence that’s represented in the body is beyond any computer that we’ve been able to create yet. It’s a matter of learning to respect that, and cooperate with that. That will lead to the kind of life and society that our heart really desires.

Dr. Kamnitzer

Bryant Meyers:

Very nicely said.

Dr. Kamnitzer:

I support where you’re coming from. I support the particular product that you endorse. I’ve had an experience with it, and I think it’s very respectful yet powerful at the same time. If there’s ever anything I can do for you or your listeners, just let me know.

Bryant Meyers:

Thank you for joining me here.


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