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PEMF Therapy Review - Why More is NOT Better (part 1)

Part 1 – The Allopathic vs. Homeopathic Philosophy in PEMF


Hello, my name is Bryant Meyers, author of the book, PEMF – The 5th Element of Health.

Your body has tremendous healing power. Using a homeopathic approach to PEMF therapy and energy medicine puts you on the road to ever-increasing energy, health, and happiness.

On the contrary, using a forceful allopathic “more is better” approach to PEMF therapy and energy medicine may give you some symptomatic results in the short term, but it is an un-natural, stressful approach to the organs, tissues and cells that creates an external force that the body has to defend against which takes it out of its normal mode of healing, regeneration and repair.Let’s start first with the philosophies of allopathic and homeopathic medicine. Allopathic medicine is the numbing and dumbing approach. Allopathic is derived from the prefix “allo” which means other or against, and the suffix “pathos” meaning suffering, sickness or disease. So allopathic means “against disease.” And, as we’ll see, against the symptoms too.

philosophies of allopathic and homeopathic medicine

Let’s start first with the philosophies of allopathic and homeopathic medicine. Allopathic medicine is the numbing and dumbing approach. Allopathic is derived from the prefix “allo” which means other or against, and the suffix “pathos” meaning suffering, sickness or disease. So allopathic means “against disease.” And, as we’ll see, against the symptoms too.

Allopathic medicine’s main approach is to work against the symptoms, with the goal of removing them altogether using drugs, injections, even surgery, and sometimes other invasive procedures. In fact, diseases are labeled and tagged based on the symptoms that arise. One of the most popular reference books, the Merck Manual, is a prime example of categorizing diseases by their symptoms. The formula is Disease = Sickness = The Symptom.


Pain is by far the most common symptom people want relief from. Arthritis, back pain, toothaches, neck pain, knee, hip shoulder, fibromyalgia. Many diseases themselves like cancer and Lyme disease have pain as a very unwanted side effect. It seems that pain springs up in most problems, even heart disease with chest pains. The allopathic approach is to numb and dumb this pain by using prescription medications, which are just a temporary band-aid at best, and at worst they create very unwanted side effects and addictions that harm the body and mind.

This allopathic approach is like cutting the wire that supplies the current to the oil light in your car warning you that there’s an engine problem. This is why we call the allopathic approach a numbing and dumbing approach. It numbs the feelings so that you’re not aware that there’s a problem. And it suppresses or dumbs down the human body’s innate intelligence and energy fields.

Modern medicine does have its place in emergency care, broken bones, car accidents, severe burns, etc. And in life-threatening situations, surgery may be needed. But extending this approach to treating life-style diseases, like obesity, type II diabetes, types of pain, high blood pressure, cholesterol, and depression is not the answer as evidenced by the increasing level of these diseases.

Let’s talk about the homeopathic approach, which I call the smart choice because the homeopathic philosophy and modality is working with the body. The prefix “homeo” means same or with, and “pathos” is disease (or in this case, the symptoms). So with homeopathy we are working with the body natural symptomatic response and its ability to heal itself.

There’s 450 million people world-wide that use homeopathy, including the Royal Family of England and many celebrities. It’s an approach that uses small forces or low intensities to stimulate and catalyze the body’s own healing and repair systems. For example, the immune system. And it initiates the healing response. Homeopathy’s symptoms are not the disease or the problem but they are the energy fingerprint of your body’s healing response to the stress or infection. That’s a big difference compared to allopathic medicine, which views the symptoms as the disease.


Homeopathy is both informational medicine and energy medicine because it’s working with your body’s holographic energy and information fields. Just to go a little deeper in this, by carefully mapping the symptoms of a patient, a good homeopath gives remedy to precisely match the symptoms. These symptoms are the energetic signature of the body’s healing response. This is referred to as the “law of similars.”

In a process called potentiation, the vital energy of the diluted substance is activated. Homeopathic remedies are very potent because there’s no adverse side effects or reactions, because they are using very low doses.

In the example of pain relief, a homeopathic approach is to stimulate the body’s ability to heal itself thereby truly turning off the pain. If you heal the tissues there’s going to be no more pain. The homeopathic philosophy that we are talking about is not just taking sugar pellets or tinctures. That’s certainly part of it. But I’m talking about an overall homeopathic philosophy that we can extend into PEMF therapy and energy medicine. When we work with energy medicine devices we want to work with this homeopathic approach to stimulate the body’s ability to heal itself.


I call the homeopathic philosophy the “smart choice” because it is catalyzing the body’s near-infinite intelligence. It’s not a band-aid, it’s more of a permanent fix. The key is that homeopathy works with the body and its ability to heal itself. Allopathic medicine works by suppressing the symptoms and partially shutting down the body’s healing response.

Now I want to talk about this “more is better” philosophy. More is not better, BETTER is better! The “more is better” philosophy relates to the allopathic approach. The “more is better” mentality is very pervasive in America and Western society. It’s the “super-size me” mentality that gets us into a lot of trouble. People think that if small is good, more must be better. If one pill is good, then two pills must be better. If one dose works, then two doses must work even better. This is a deep-seated faulty belief that needs to be cleansed from your consciousness. The truth is, more is not better, better is better! More is better is very pervasive in PEMF therapy. High intensities are stronger and more effective than lower intensities. This is just false.


Now I want to talk about power versus force. There’s a saying the knowledge is power. And when it comes to your body, it has a near-infinite intelligence and knowledge of how to heal itself. The body has 100-trillion cells, each with 100-trillion atoms, according to the University of Washington. There are more atoms in your body than there are stars in the universe. It’s estimated that each second there’s 500-billion chemical reactions in your body. Every second the bone marrow in your body is creating two-million red blood cells. Think about that. There’s no super-computer in the world that can match this intelligence. We should fear messing with something as magnificent, majestic and unfathomably complex and intelligent as the human body.


The best we can do is give the body all the elements it needs in order to heal itself. And a homeopathic boost, if necessary. The body does get stuck sometimes, and needs a little push. But it just needs a little push to work with the natural healing response.

Trying to use high doses or high intensity PEMF devices or energy medicine devices is a forceful approach that backfires in the long run. Why? Because the body has to defend itself against this external force which takes it out of its healing abilities. You might get temporary relief, at the cost of compromising your body’s innate healing intelligence.

Unless you are dealing with an emergency situation under the guidance of a trained practitioner, you want to work with your body’s intelligence. Especially if you buy a device that you are going to use in your own home on a daily basis. You definitively want to stick with the safe, natural approach to continually stimulate and give your body a boost so that it can be constantly healing and regenerating.

The main takeaway is that your body has a tremendous healing power that has a near-infinite intelligence on how to maintain, sustain and create perfect health. By working with the body using a homeopathic approach to PEMF therapy, energy medicine and health in general, is the most natural, safest, and most effective way to create greater health, vitality, and well being.

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