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The Body Mind Heart Earth Connection

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This is Bryant Meyers, author of The 5th Element of Health. I’m really excited to tell you about the Body-Mind-Earth Connection I discussed in my book, but I want to extend that to the Body-Mind-Heart-Earth Connection. As we’ll see, the heart is a very important part of this connection.

We’re very deeply connected to planet Earth, as I talked about in my book. And first I’m going to summarize the Body-Mind-Earth connection, and then add to that new information I’ve learned.

Let’s talk about the interconnectedness of all things. From quantum field theory, and entanglement, to chaos theory, all of life is very intimately connected. Add to this the wisdom of the spiritual traditions that reinforces this oneness and consciousness.

We’re also very connected to planet Earth, and magnetic field of planet Earth. Especially the Schumann resonance frequencies of the ionosphere, those PEMFs (Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequencies), and the actual geomagnetic field of the Earth. I call this the body-mind-earth connection, but I’m expanding it now to the Body-Mind-Heart-Earth connection.

The Schumann resonance frequencies are roughly in the 0 – 50 Hz.

There’s this connection between the Earth’s magnetic field, brain waves of the body, the body’s cells and tissues, and even the frequencies we emit. The Schumann resonance frequencies are roughly in the 0 – 50 Hz. The cells of the body tend to ideally resonant to this frequency. Research of Dr. Zimmerman shows that we even emit these frequencies.

Beta, alpha, theta, delta

The brain state frequencies from low Delta to high Beta all operate within this natural Earth frequency range. Low Delta is roughly 1-4 Hz. Theta waves are roughly 4-8 Hz. Alpha are 8-12 Hz, and Beta waves are 12-30 Hz. And Gamma waves are 30 to 50 Hz, or even a little bit higher sometimes. That’s why I’m expanding the range to 0 – 50 Hz.

Addy and Bowen, way back in the ‘70s, showed that even at the cellular level, our cells seem to ideally respond to this frequency range. In his book on energy medicine, James Oschman detailed the frequency sensitivities of various human tissues. Most of the published research on PEMF and tissue regeneration and healing were all within in the 0-50 Hz range. The higher frequencies (70-200 Hz.) have corresponding lower frequency analogues. For example, osteogenesis and DNA synthesis are above 50 Hz. but they also have frequencies at 5 and 10 Hz.

This is one thing that differentiates PEMF machines versus Rife machines and other forms of energy medicine. There is a lot of good published research on these low frequency PEMF signals. In fact, there are over 30,000 studies on PubMed on PEMF since the 1970’s.

The Schumann resonance frequencies are roughly in the 0 – 50 Hz.

Even more fascinating, when I first read this I got goosebumps, Dr. Zimmerman and Dr. Seto showed through Reiki energy healers that we emit 30 Hz. to 50 Hz. range, and the frequency was around the main Schumann resonance. The body sweeps up and down this frequency range. When you’re getting a session from a Reiki healer, you’re basically getting Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy. This research was done with very sensitive magnetic field detectors called magnetometers. So we’re talking about actual, scientific measurable magnetic fields.

To recap, our brains operate in this Earth frequency range. Our cells respond to this frequency range. The main published research on PEMF has shown this frequency range to be the most healing and the most regenerative. Our bodies even emit these frequencies.

The Schumann resonance frequencies

Now I’m going to get into defining those frequencies. They are the Schumann resonance, and the geomagnetic frequencies. You can think of the Schumann resonance as the heartbeat of the Earth. The Earth has an ionosphere. There’s a very complex interaction between the Earth’s neutral atmosphere and the Sun’s fully ionized charged waves. The ionosphere is this charged bubble of plasma, like a big soap bubble around the planet, that reflects frequencies. It creates this spherical cavity, and the actual frequencies of the spherical cavity is 7.83 Hz. It’s the Earth’s fundamental note. This frequency is created from complex interaction of the Earth’s ionosphere with the Sun. It becomes very energetic. We have around 7-million lighting strikes around the Earth from all this energy. This tremendous voltage potential between the atmosphere and the surface of the Earth creates all these lightning strikes. The strikes ring the spherical resonator to the tune of 7.83 Hz. It also has higher harmonic frequencies. The Global Coherence Initiative and HeartMath have sensitive magnetometers around planet Earth that measure the Schumann resonance on a daily basis. Contrary to what the New Age people are saying, the Schumann resonance is not going up. It’s still 7.83 Hz with higher harmonics. The reason I’m expanding up to 50 Hz is that there’s one higher harmonic at 45 Hz that’s not as strong but still significant. The Schumann resonances are really between the 0-30 Hz range, with strong peaks at 7.83 and then goes on up.

This frequency range represents the frequency of the brain, our cells, and even the frequencies we emit. There’s some fascinating research done by Nobel prize winning Dr. Luc Montagnier. He further demonstrates the importance of the Schumann resonance. Basically the Schumann resonance frequency is very unique in allowing DNA to assemble properly.

DNA molecules

If you take a vial of double helix fully intact DNA molecules, and put it next to a blank vial of water, and then saturate both vials with the Schumann resonance, it’s able to carry information from one test tube to the other. If you take the blank vial of water, and mix it with DNA precursor material, the result is fully reconstructed DNA, with 98% success. This has been duplicated in 11 labs. In full disclosure, not all labs have been able to duplicate the results. If you think about it, it shows you the connection between DNA, the blueprint of life, and the Schumann resonance.

frequencies diagram

There’s the geomagnetic frequency as well. The magnetosphere is the static field of the Earth, that we measure with a compass. This geomagnetic field radiates hundreds of thousands of miles into space. There are some frequency components to it. Think of the magnetic field lines like guitar strings. What happens when you pluck these strings, it creates a frequency. This is not the Schumann resonance. The geomagnetic frequency is generated by the core of the Earth. It does have sub-Hertz frequencies between 0.1 and 0.5 Hz. There’s a main peak at 0.1 Hz and another spike at 0.4 Hz, that nicely connects to the Schumann resonance. It does cover all of your brain state frequencies. In my book I give more information about therse lower frequencies.

How does the 0.1 Hz geomagnetic frequency connect to the body and brain? It seems that 0.1 Hz is a fundamental coherent frequency that connects all systems of the body. A coherent state is when your heart, mind, emotions and physical body are all in sync, resonating in cooperative alignment. You’re balanced and centered. Meditation can do this. HeartMath has great techniques for creating an intelligent heart-brain state.

the coherent state

On the left side of this graph at the top you see chaotic jiggles. The heart rate variability is a measure of the health of your central nervous system (it measures the interval between consecutive heart beats). The graph also shows blood pressure and respiration. At the 300 second mark in the middle, you see something happens. Things go from being chaotic to an entrainment, a resonance. What the subjects did in the study was practice one of HeartMath’s centuring techniques. When the subjects go into this positive emotion state, all their systems were in sync.

There’s a peak at 0.1 Hz. It’s like the geomagnetic frequency with a peak at 0.1 Hz. When I saw this connection between the geomagnetic frequency and this coherent heart balanced state of the body I really got goosebumps. Not only is the brain deeply connected to the Schumann resonance… there’s this deep connection between 7.83 Hz alpha state in the brain and the geomagnetic frequency from the core of the Earth. It aligns our hearts, and all the systems in our body. This is the same frequency as the main geomagnetic pulse. All the key systems in the body come into entrainment. They are all beating in unison. Synchronized. Health is coherence. When all of your body is connected and working together.

So the body-mind-earth connection goes deeper. It’s actually the Body-Mind-Heart-Earth connection. All the different systems in the body are intimately connected to the magnetic field of the Earth, the Schumann resonance. The heart’s magnetic field can be detected several feet away. It’s the strongest field in the body. In fetal development the heart forms and starts beating before the brain is developed. The heart sends signals to the brain more than the brain sends signals to the heart. The heart has its own intelligence.

body frequencies

The heart field can be measured five feet away. The brain field can only be measured a couple inches away. The heart field is much more encompassing. Emotional states can be related to heart rate variability. The way the heart beats is related to the central nervous system. Different positive emotional states have a very distinctive frequency pattern. Negative emotions have a chaotic frequency pattern. Here’s an example: Have you ever walked into a room and you could cut the tension with a knife? You are feeling the fields. HeartMath has done studies showing we can sense someone’s field five feet away, even with a wall between the two subjects. We have the ability to sense other people’s magnetic fields and their emotional states.

The Body-Mind-Heart-Earth connection is very profound. And this is one of the reasons why I recommend a low-intensity, low-frequency PEMF device, like the iMRS 2000. You want the frequency range to be 0-50 Hz. and you want a lower intensity level. By supplementing with an Earth-based PEMF session every day, you are restoring balance and coherence. It helps your body to synchronize. This is why you want to use a low intensity. You want to gently nudge the body back into entrainment. You should also eat a good diet, drink plenty of water, get out into the Sun, and have positive emotions.

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