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iMRS and PEMF Therapy Getting Started Basics

We have created this guide to provide you with tips and strategies so you can get the best results possible using the iMRS WellFit, Complete, or Professional Unit, and also the Omnium 1 System.

For more information and individual help please visit us at Make sure to check out the membership area where we offer hundreds of videos, testimonials, and research studies on the science of the iMRS and PEMF therapy. You can also call 1-800-900-5556.

What does iMRS stand for?

iMRS is an abbreviation for "intelligent Magnetic Resonance Stimulation". The primary benefit of this method of treatment is the resonance effect of pulsating electromagnetic fields (PEMF) in the body. Vibrations are transmitted as purposeful information to unhealthy cells whose function has been stressed and disturbed. The new iMRS is intelligent because it is digital, programmable, and has a HRV biofeedback system that automatically adjusts the intensity on the full body mat based on a sophisticated HRV biofeedback loop. Also the iMRS professional system has a built in database of over 250 conditions preprogrammed for all applicators and times. The iMRS is the world leader in magnetic resonance stimulation and PEMF therapy.

More than 10,000 scientific papers have been published about the effect of PEMF. Many of the initial studies have been carried out in Russia and Eastern Europe, but more and more research is now taking place in the United States. PEMF is a non-contact, noninvasive, non-pharmacological and effective treatment for many conditions. Worldwide more than 2,000 double blind studies have demonstrated that PEMF therapy is a safe and effective treatment for a variety of conditions, as well as to promote and maintain general cellular health and function.

PEMF therapy has been used extensively for decades for many health issues, and results can be seen in animals as well as humans. The National Institutes of Health have made PEMF therapy a priority for research. In fact, the FDA has already approved many PEMF devices, some specifically to fuse broken bones, enhance wound healing, reduce pain and tissue swelling, support muscle function, and also to treat depression. Most therapeutic PEMF devices are considered safe by various standards and organizations.

The iMRS systems discussed in this guide have nearly 20 years of clinical research in Germany and abroad on over 200,000 patients to substantiate their effectiveness.

In principle, every iMRS consists of two main components, the controller and the applicators. The iMRS control unit generates a current pulse with a specific shape, duration, intensity and frequency. This current is passed to coils in the applicator where it generates a pulsating magnetic field. The frequencies (programs based on organ clock), the time or duration, and the desired intensity of the magnetic field are selected on the controller. If you have the iMORE biofeedback, only a starting intensity is needed on the full body mat.

What does iMRS stand for?

  • Eliminate Pain and Inflammation Naturally
  • Get Deep and Rejuvenating Sleep
  • Increase your Energy & Vitality
  • Feel Stronger, Younger and More Flexible
  • Keep your Bones Healthy and Strong
  • Relaxation and Stress Reduction
  • Getting Started Basics Guide Page 5
  • Help Your Body to Heal and Regenerate
  • Improve Circulation and Heart Health
  • In Sports to improve performance, treat injuries and speed up recuperation
  • Improve Respiratory Volume and enhanced Oxygenation
  • For Depression
  • For Strengthening the Immune System
  • For Skin Complaints
  • Plus More

iMRS systems

iMRS 2000

There are three iMRS systems; the iMRS WellFit, iMRS Complete and iMRS Professional. All units come with the control unit/computer, full body mat and pillow pad. iMRS complete additionally has the Probe (important), and iMRS professional has the iGUIDE (database of protocols ideal for practitioners). The iMORE biofeedback and the iSLRS light and sound system are the two main accessories.

See for more details on what is in each system. The Main Components are the iMRS control unit, full body mat, pillow pad, probe and iMORE biofeedback. iGUIDE and ISLRS are also optional accessories to consider. We recommend getting AT LEAST the iMRS Compete with the iMORE. This insures you have the probe and biofeedback.


Whole Body Mat: In order to provide the purest pulsating magnetic fields, in a way that is easiest for the body to handle, the mat contains 3 pairs of coils at the head/neck, torso/hips and legs/feet. It’s a graduated intensity because the lower body can tolerate a higher field strength than the head.

Its roughly a 3:2:1 ratio; 3 times the strength at the legs/feet, 2 times at the torso/hips with the head/neck being at one.

triple-wave sawtooth pulse

The Triple-wave Sawtooth Pulse

The iMRS full body mat uses the triple-wave sawtooth pulse. The main driving frequencies are mainly in the natural earth based 0-30 Hz range. There are many benefits to this rapid rise and fall pulse:

  • Because it is a composite of many sinusoidal frequencies, this pulse is able to deliver many different "natural" frequencies simultaneously and all at once. Because each tissue and cell in the body responds to different frequencies (mainly in the 0-30 Hz range), this signal acts will resonate to all the bodies cells.
  • The rapid rise and fall is optimal for ion transport, enhancing the sodium potassium pump and recharging the body's 100 trillion cells to their ideal voltage (70-90 millivolts)
  • The many layers of variation along with the organ clock and biofeedback makes the iMRS the most varied and complex waveform available today. What this means is that the benefits will never "plateau", unlike static magnets and simple sine wave PEMF devices.

The NASA Proven Squarewave

triple-wave sawtooth pulse

When it comes to research studies, it does not get any better than NASA. And of the more than 10,000 research papers and 2000 plus double blind studies, none was more thorough and conclusive as the 4 year NASA study lead by Dr. Thomas Goodwin, PhD, on the ability of PEMF to improve the growth and repair of tissues in mammals. Without getting into all the technical details of the study, here is a summary of what NASA found to be the best type of energy, frequency, intensity and waveform.

NASA found the best results with the PEMF parameters below:

  • Rapid time varying waveform - specifically square wave (sawtooth also fits this criteria but not a simple sine wave).
  • Low Frequency (10 Hz) close to 7.83 and 11.79 (almost exactly in between main frequencies of earth)
  • Low Intensity ~10-200 milligauss (1 - 20 microtesla) which is far less than the strength of the earth (33 - 66 microtesla)

NASA discovered that the benefits of Low Frequency, Low Intensity, Rapidly varying PEMF includes better healing and regeneration of damaged or disease tissue, greater cell longevity, accelerated cell growth, improved cellular voltage (mainly observed in nerve cells), upregulation of genes related to collagen production, cell restoration and growth (upregulation is a mechanism that increases the creation of certain gene products).

For more information on the NASA study and to download the actual study visit

The Biorhythm Clock

The Biorhythm Clock

The biorhythm clock is unique to the iMRS and is perfect for giving your body the frequency it needs for the time of day. For example, you want energizing frequencies in the morning and relaxing frequencies at night. These frequencies are based on established brain state research in traditional and mainstream medicine (using EEG's).

The frequencies of the 4 organ clock settings are:

  • 15 Hz morning setting (Beta)- great for energizing the body first thing in the day
  • 5.5 Hz Noon setting (Alpha) - great for soothing stress relief in the afternoon
  • 3 Hz evening setting (Theta) - great for deeper relaxation in the evening
  • .5 Hz night setting (Delta) - great for preparing the body and mind for deep

NOTE: The pillow and probe applicators do not have a biorhythm clock setting as their purpose is different.

iMRS Getting Started Protocols

NOTE: Before proceeding make sure you have watched the iMRS Tutorial Videos on how to turn on and use the machine. These tutorial videos are available in the membership area and also at

#1: Use Full Body Mat for 8 Min FIRST

iMRS mat

Always use the full body mat for 8 minutes FIRST for best results. The full body mat opens up all the energy pathways, enhances circulation, and soothes the body and mind. This creates an ideal state for using the local applicators to get the best results possible.

The head should be positioned on the cable side of the mat (indicated by the red arrow). Because the unit switches polarity every two minutes, it does not matter which side is up, just make sure the head is towards the cable.

If there are problems in the spinal area, the patient should always lie on the mat with their knees bent.

Why You Always Do the Full Body Mat First

Opens ALL energy pathways in holographic body. Opens up your circulation and Microcirculation. "Warms up the Body - Literally. (Thermography). Energizes all organs of elimination so when you work on local area, the toxins, acids, infections, etc. can be moved OUT of the body.

imrs2000 pad

#2: Use Pillow Pad for Localized Issues (but still spread out a bit)

Local issues are best handled by the pillow pad or probe which is more focused and uses the NASA proven Squarewave for pain relief, healing and regeneration.

NOTE: If you have no localized issues, than just use the full body mat 2-3 times a day for 8 minutes.

Pillow Pad

The pillow pad is great for localized application. The pad contains a pair of coils. The maximum flux density is obtained in the middle of the coils. Use the pillow pad first to treat a local area for 8 minutes or more.

Again, Make sure to use the full body mat for 8 minutes FIRST for best results. This creates an ideal state for using the local applicators to get the best results possible.

There is no maximum time limit for using the pillow pad (or probe). You can read a book or watch TV and work on acute problems (injuries, pain, etc) as long as you like. The more the better with the pillow or probe for acute issues. But try to do at least 8 minutes 2-3 times a day AFTER the full body mat session.

Examples for using Pillow Pad - Localized but still spread out a little

  • Low back pain (lumbar), mid back (thoracic) or neck (cervical) problems
  • Liver issues
  • Digestive Problems, Pancreas issues
  • Colon/ Bowel Problems
  • Problems with Lungs
  • Carpal Tunnel (both hands) or Feet issues (both feet)

The above are examples of areas that are localized but spread out a bit.

You can think of the full body mat as a large spot-light, as it will "light up" your entire body. The pillow pad is like a flashlight that will "light up" a local area. The probe is very focused, like a laser that will target a specific spot or acupuncture point.

#3: Use Probe for Focused "Spots" and Acupuncture Meridians

Characteristics of the Probe: The probe is a point source with a conical spread, i.e., the flux density (strength of the field) falls as the cube of the distance from the source (tip of the probe).

The probe is excellent for localized issues that are very focused. Examples would be a knee injury, broken finger, ankle injury, toothache or dental issue, and also acupuncture points.

imrs2000 applicator
  • Small Joints (fingers, jaw, ankle, elbow, etc.)
  • Localized Pain (tennis elbow, knee pain, arthritis of small joints)
  • Digestive Problems, Pancreas issues
  • Acupuncture - Use instead of needles on meridian points

I tell people that if you can point your finger to the problem, use the probe.

The probe is like a laser, the pillow pad more like a flashlight. Both are used for localized pain and issues, but the probe is more focused.

Some of our best and most powerful testimonials come from using the probe!

There is no maximum time limit for using the probe or pillow pad. You can read a book or watch TV and work on acute problems (injuries, pain, etc.) as long as you like. The more the better with the probe (or pillow) for acute issues. But try to do at least 8 minutes 2-3 times a day AFTER the full body mat session.

Note: You cannot use the full body mat and applicators at the same time. Only one applicator can be used at a time.

#4: Intensity Guidelines

Everyone has their own individuality. This personal uniqueness should be taken into account in using the iMRS. To prevent a detox or healing crisis, begin with low intensities and increase them progressively at lengthy intervals until the desired maximum therapeutic intensity is reached.

Full Body Mat

One intensity level every 4 weeks, beginning at the 25 level in the morning and 10 level in the evening. If sensitive or sick use 10 in the morning and sensitive in the evening. Its recommended that you stick with these settings for 4 weeks, but if you are in good health, you can slower increase the intensity this every 3-4 Days up to level 100. Do not go above level 100 on full body mat until talking to your trainer. Exceptions are athletes and large people.

  • Use lower intensity if: older, weaker, sicker, thinner, more nervous
  • Use higher intensity if: younger, athletic, larger frame, more balanced

If you have the iMORE biofeedback, than start at these levels and the intensity will adjust automatically.

With the Pillow-Pad or Probe, the maximum intensity depends on the body part.

Pillow and Probe - (Refer to Chart Below)

Use higher Intensity:

  • The further away from the head and torso (arms/legs)
  • The deeper in the body the issue
  • The more acute the pain

With the Pillow-Pad or Probe, the maximum intensity depends on the body part. It’s always better to start off easy and gradually increase the intensity (if necessary). But do not exceed the levels shown in the chart.

#5: Time Guidelines

Maximum time for full body mat is 1 hour per day. Longer will not hurt you, it just won't give you any additional benefits.

Though ideally 2-3 sessions of 8 minutes is all that is needed. As we mentioned, you do not need to go above 100 on the full body mat, but start off slowly. Intensity 100 is enough for just about everyone, but start off at level 25 in the morning and level 10 at night.

When working on local issues with the Pillow-Pad or Probe, you may consider going longer especially for acute pain and injuries. It’s important to use the pillow pad and probe long enough using the intensity guidelines we discussed. Also keep going and be consistent and persistent because it is WORKING.

ANALOGY: It is like melting a big block of ice with a hair dryer - if you keep going, you will eventually melt all the ice!

Also note that there is NO time limit on the pillow pad or probe, but try at least a couple sessions of 16-24 minutes twice a day for acute issues.

You can read or watch TV while you are using it so it can be easy.

#6: Even if You Feel Nothing, Something is Happening

The most common sensations noticed with a Mat ride are warmth, tingling, and/or a pronounced relaxation. But do not be disappointed if you feel nothing. It is incorrect to assume that if you do not feel it, nothing is happening. Unlike gravity, magnetic fields are hard to perceive but what you WILL feel over time is the many benefits. Based on thousands of patients here is the feedback

  • 40-50% of the patients feel nothing during the first treatment
  • 40% feel a pleasant warmth
  • 10% feel tickling or other sensations
  • 70-75% feel relaxation and a loosening of the muscles following treatment.

Live Blood before and after w/ iMRS

blod cells

GDV Before and After w/ iMRS

GDV Before and After w/ iMRS



Frequently Asked Questions

How can I achieve the best results?

  • Drink a lot of water - 2 glasses (16 oz.) 15-30 minutes before a session. This is CRITICAL for success! Drink at least 8 glasses a water or half your body weight in ounces a day.
  • Try to make sure you get a session in from 5-10am (morning organ clock setting) as that is the strongest energy or from 10am to 3pm to get the 2nd strongest energy. NOTE: After 3pm, the biorhythm/organ clock tones down for relaxation and sleep.
  • Alkalize the body. Try fresh lemon in water in the morning. Also try to eat more alkalizing foods like vegetables (especially dark green leafy veggies), fruits, seeds, avocados, and certain nuts like almonds. Try to have a salad with lunch and dinner.
  • Deliberate deep abdominal breathing during treatment
  • Add Vitamins, minerals and trace elements
  • Regular food intake (calorie watch) - don't overeat
  • Avoidance of radical diets, junk food, soft drinks, processed food and fast food.
  • Correct settings on equipment (read this guide carefully)
  • Be aware of a possible healing crisis
  • Remove metal eyeglasses, metal jewelry, watches, and metal items from body and pockets if possible. Just like you are going through airport security.
  • Regular Use - USE IT EVERY DAY! 2x a day for at least 8 minutes!

Are Blankets and Pillows Ok?

Yes. For warmth and comfort, it is perfectly OK to lay one blanket over the Mat and a second blanket over you. The PEMF energy will go right through anything nonconducting (metallic).

Try to avoid using pillows, unless absolutely necessary to relieve a painful position and then try to use only a small, flat pillow. PEMF energy decreases very quickly in strength over even just a few inches.

When Can I expect to See Results?

Usually with daily use, benefits will be seen quickly such as more energy, better sleep and pain relief. Most people will see results and improvement in 30 days. Chronic and long standing issues may take longer depending how serious and how long the condition has been present.

Frequently Asked Questions

iPhone and Android App for Detecting Magnetic Fields - Daniel Perez

iPhone and Android App for Detecting Magnetic Fields - Daniel Perez

Search for "magnetic field detector" (add Daniel Perez if necessary).Not only does this app audibly let you hear the magnetic fields, it also graphs the fields so you can SEE the sawtooth and squarewave on the full body mat and pillow probe respectively.

Because its difficult to "feel" magnetic fields, this app can assure you the unit is working properly. For a more sensitive device and great for demonstrations, we recommend the mic-mag handy available at

Invest in a Surge Protector

We highly recommend you use a surge protector (not a mere power strip) with your Mat to protect it from spikes and surges that are rather common, even in America.

Are there any Side-effects?

Clinical studies on more than 200,000 patients have shown no side-effects detrimental to health. Magnetic Field therapy is virtually free of side effects and is well tolerated. The most common "unwanted" effect is a healing crisis, detox crisis or herxheimer reaction. Also sometimes with pain sufferers, there can be a brief increase in pain which occurs in chronic pain sufferers. This is part of the body’s natural healing response and will not last long.

Based on over 200,000 patients, these complaints only effected 15-20% of the people, but these reactions can be reduced or eliminated if one starts on the lower intensities and begins gentle. More is not better! Also drinking a lot of water and following the guidelines in this guide will help.


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