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PEMF - The 5th Element of Health VIDEO (Part 3)

PEMF Therapy Devices

Let’s talk now about what to look for in a PEMF therapy device. When you’re shopping for a PEMF therapy device I recommend looking for an Earth-inspired device. That means a PEMF therapy machine that is inspired by the Earth’s frequencies and intensities, and that will also complement the circadian rhythms of your body.


The four main parameters of a PEMF signal are:

  • Frequency – cycles per second.
  • Intensity – measured in Tesla (T) or Gauss (G)
  • Waveform - geometry of the signal
  • Timing – duration.

Those are the four parameters of any lectromagnetic wave or frequency wave. Let’s begin by talking about intensity.

PEMF Signals

The intensity or amplitude is the strength of the magnetic field. The Earth’s natural static magnetic field is 33-66 micro-Tesla (uT). That corresponds to 0.33 to 0.66 Gauss.The Earth’s Schumann resonance, which is more of the frequency component of the Earth’s magnetic field, is only 1 pico-Tesla. A pico-Tesla is one-millionth of a micro-Tesla, or one trillionth of a Tesla. So, we’re talking about a very weak intensity. As I mentioned earlier, the Earth’s Schumann resonance has been proven to be an essential element of health, just like food, water, air and oxygen.

ADEY window

There’s a saying “small is powerful – less is more.” We can use an analogy of our senses. For example, the amplitude window for your sense of hearing would range from a level that is just loud enough so that you could hear it to a level so loud that it could cause harm. It’s the same thing with light. If there’s not enough photons in a room (if it’s really dark), you can’t see anything. Or if you’re staring at the sun, it’s too bright.

That is also true of PEMFs of the Earth, and what our cells respond to. If you use too high of an intensity, it can cause harm over time. The NASA study showed that you only need 1-20 micro-Tesla to get the maximum benefits from PEMF. That’s weaker than the Earth’s static magnetic field.

Less is more. Some PEMF therapy devices on the market use very high intensities. They are trying to sell you on the “more is better” myth. Here are some more thoughts about high intensity PEMF machines:

  • Some use intensities of up to 2 Tesla (which is way too high).
  • They will give you some symptomatic relief. But that’s more like allopathic energy medicine. It may have side effects.
  • NASA has proven that lower intensity is what speeds up healing and regeneration.
  • It’s similar to homeopathy; the strongest homeopathic remedies are the ones that are the most dilute.
  • Don’t be misled by the “laying on the grass” myth disseminated by proponents of high intensity devices. They say you don’t have to buy a low intensity device because you can just go “lay on the grass” and get the same results. This isn’t true. Devices that are using intensities in alignment with the Earth’s static field are still many orders of magnetic stronger than the Schumann resonance.

If you take a magnetic field detector and put it up to the Earth, all you will measure is the static field. You won’t get any frequency components unless you have a very sensitive antenna to pick up the Schumann resonance.

Our bodies do have biological “antennas” that will tune in to the Schumann resonance and geomagnetic frequencies.

Let’s go over the best frequency, waveform, and timing to look for in a PEMF device. We already looked at the frequency component, which is the 0-30 Hz. range. The most effective waveform, according to the NASA study, has a rapid rise and fall. Two waveforms meet that criteria:

  • The Square Wave. The NASA study concluded this waveform was the most effective for healing and regeneration.
  • The Sawtooth Waveform. This waveform delivers many frequencies simultaneously.
The Square Wave and The Sawtooth Waveform

Ideally, you’d want a PEMF device that has a sawtooth waveform on the full body mat. That would give you the full range of 0-30 Hz. frequencies. On the local applicator (like a pillow, probe, or pen) you would want the squarewave to break up cycles of pain and to help with healing and regeneration.

So, I recommend looking for a PEMF device with a rapid rise and fall waveform (square wave and sawtooth). Certainly not a static mattress pad, because those have no frequency component. And machines that use a sine wave do not have a rapid rise and fall.

The next topic is timing. This goes along with circadian rhythms of the body. For example, how long do you lay on the PEMF mat? Research has shown with PEMF therapy versus static magnets, all you need is 8 minutes, twice a day of a low-intensity, Earth-inspired PEMF system. That is enough to charge up your 100 trillion cells.

You should also take into account your biorhythms and the time of day. If you use a PEMF mat in the morning, you’ll want more energizing frequencies (beta frequencies around 15 Hz.). But in the evening before bedtime, you’ll want very relaxing frequencies. Those are just some of the attributes to look for in a PEMF therapy device. In my book I go into much greater detail.

  • Have stronger bones
  • Improve endorphins and break up cycles of pain
  • Get better sleep and HGH secretion
  • Have more energy ATP
  • Enjoy better oxygenation and circulation
  • Improve your immune system
  • Relax and reduce stress
  • Regenerate nerve and tissue.

Finally, let’s go over some action steps you can take to change your life:

  • Look for mostly organic whole plant foods
  • Drink clean and energized water
  • Take full spectrum light and sauna therapy
  • Oxygen therapy (air purification, exercise, and deep breathing)
  • Natural, Earth-based PEMF therapy

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