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Hello this is Bryant Meyers, author of PEMF the 5th Element of Health.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about a popular video on YouTube called PEMF – The Big Lie when it comes to Power. And it’s put together by Marcus at Truly Heal. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of untrue and inaccurate statement that are made about low-intensity systems, like the iMRS-2000. I want to talk about that in this video to clarify some of these inaccuracies and, at times, scientifically wrong statements.

Before I begin I do want to say that Marcus and Truly Heal is doing a lot of great work in encouraging people to look into natural healing approaches ozone therapy, detox protocols, sauna therapy, cleaning up your home environment, etc. So they are doing a lot of great work, but when it comes to PEMF I think the information they are giving is flat-out wrong.

Let’s just get right into it by going through, in order as it appears in his video, some of the statements that are inaccurate or false about low-intensity systems. The first thing he says is that laying on a low-intensity system like iMRS-2000 is pretty much the same as laying on the grass. This is not true. His reasoning is that the static field of the Earth is roughly in the intensity ranges of the iMRS mat or the beam of other low-intensity systems.

DC static field and pulsating magnetic field

Yes, the intensities are the same however we are talking about two different types of energy. One is a DC static field, and the other is a pulsating magnetic field. So, you need to compare apples to apples. This is not the same as laying on the grass. In fact, I’ve put together quite a while back a demonstration to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt using a very sensitive magnetic field detector to show you that laying on the grass is not the same as laying on a low-intensity PEMF mat. The magnetic flux is much stronger, more concentrated, and measurably different. I have a link below the video you can watch that. And please do if you have any doubts on thinking that a low intensity system is the same as laying on the grass.

Just to point out too, the Earth does have a pulsating magnetic field. It’s called the Schumann Resonance. That frequency is only 1 pico-tesla. In fact, it’s so weak that you need an antenna, like a sensor, to pick it up. Because we know the Schumann Resonance is very important to life on Earth, life itself has these amplifiers and very finely tuned antenna that can respond to frequency. I always tell people that the key is frequency, not intensity. Frequency resonance is what heals the body; not intensity. You do need enough intensity to penetrate through the body, but as we’ll see, the IMRS, the Bemer, and other low intensity systems give you plenty of intensity to go all the way through.

Which brings us to the next statement that Marcus says. He talks about in the video, PEMF the Big Lie, on the iMRS, and these are his exact words, “One inch above the iMRS mat, you’re only getting one-half the intensity as at the surface.” Two inches above you get a quarter; three inches above is only one-ninth. This is just BAD, BAD, science. Where did he get those numbers? Actually, I kind of know where he got the numbers. He’s using an inverse square (1/R2), but he’s using inches, not meters! First of all, Coulomb’s Law and the gravitational law of Newton, are inverse square forces. But you have to use meters, because all the units and constants in the equations are S-I units, and the S-I unit for strength is meters. So if you say an inch is one-half, and two inches is a fourth, and three inches is a ninth, you can tell he’s using the 1/R2 drop-off. But he’s using inches not meters! Again, just bad science. That’s bad dimensional analysis.

One foot above just one coil is 20% of the surface. Six inches
above is 55%. Three inches above is 83%.

Secondly, he’s using the wrong equation altogether. Coulomb’s law measures electric field. The Biot Savart law is the magnetic field equivalent of Coulomb’s law. That’s the equation you need to measure the intensity of a magnetic field above the surface of a coil, a current loop. I did the calculations. You can look up the equation and do them yourself. One foot above just one coil is 20% of the surface. Six inches above is 55%. Three inches above is 83%. And one inch above is 98% (not one-half). These numbers are independent of the intensity. These drop-off percentages to even the high intensity ringer devices. Because the intensity is higher, it will still be higher, but the percent drop-off (that’s what he’s talking about) is the same. Same thing goes for Coulomb’s Law and the gravitational law. It doesn’t matter the mass or the charge. It’s still a 1/R2 drop-off. Just very bad science.

I did a video demonstration to really show you beyond a shadow of a doubt, that lowintensity PEMF, like the iMRS-2000, not only has a significant intensity above the body, like at a foot above, but I hold a MicMag Handy, which is a very sensitive magnetic field detector. Three feet above, and you can still see a very significant intensity. So please, please watch that video. It’s a video demonstration in real time.

The next thing he talks about is the frequencies which are best used for PEMF. And actually I agree with him here. We are in total agreement that 0-50 Hz (I kind of like 0- 30 Hz better) that low frequency is the way to go. One of the devices he sells (the Curatron), I think the intensities and the waveforms are off, but you do use lower frequencies. However some of the devices he recommends on his website, like the DCM 3500, are the ringer devices that have a whole slew of higher frequencies. They use Tesla coils and capacitor discharge, so you get a lot of high frequencies mixed in. Even if the primary pulse (you hear the click, click, click) can be regulated to a lower pulse, each of those pulses is blasting out a lot of higher frequencies. In general, what he says about frequencies I do agree with.

Both the iMRS-200 and the Bemer and other popular low intensity systems use the lower frequencies. Variation of frequencies. He talks about importance of varying the frequencies. I also agree. And I would add to that, to vary the intensity as well and to switch polarity because there are other things you can do to help the body to prevent acclimation.

As a little aside, the iMRS-2000 has something that no other PEMF device has; heart-rate variability biofeedback. And that will actually adjust the intensity automatically to give you pretty much a unique session every time you it. That’s one of the things you don’t get with the higher-intensity systems.

Schumann Resonance

The next thing he talks about in his video is that a sine wave is what is found in nature. If you truly understand how the Schumann Resonance is created by lightning strikes, around 7 million lightning strikes a day (lightning strikes are anything but smooth, they are very jagged and chaotic). The Schumann resonance itself is graphed daily by the global initiative project, and has nice images of the Schumann resonance. Looking at these images you see many frequencies that combine in many complex ways that absolutely DO NOT yield a simple sine wave.

Next he talks about how a squarewave is good, but its very different from a simple sine wave (it has a very rapid rise and fall signal), so he contradicts himself here because a square wave is just about the opposite of a simple sine wave. I actually agree with him on the squarewave and other rapid rise and fall signals like the sawtooth. And I have done many other videos talking about that, so check them out. There are many research studies (like the NASA study) that show that a rapid rise and fall signal, like a sawtooth, like a squarewave gives the maximum ion transport, hence maximal cellular energization.

In his videos he even talks about the ringer devices and how its like taking a club and hitting them all at the same time, which is a rapid rise and fall. All the ringer devices ARE rapid rise and fall. Though the intensities and frequencies are not healthy.

The next thing that Marcus shows is a before and after live blood microscopy with the iMRS 2000. There’s really not much else to say, except that this is bogus before-andafters. It’s doctored, inaccurate, and bogus.

Profound Improvement in Live Blood Microscopy

I say that because we’ve had several doctors that have done before-and-afters that are certified blood microscopists, and some like Dr. Magda Havis who doesn’t even have a vested interest in selling any machine had a very profound before and after improvement with live blood microscopy laying on the iMRS or the MRS-2000 for just 8 minutes. And the old MRS-2000 and the new iMRS both have the same frequency and density waveform. So the research is applicable in both cases. I have some links below that you see for yourself from Dr. Philip McCallister, and from Sherry Betsel, who are both certified live blood microscopists that did very powerful before and after with the iMRS-2000 or the MRS-2000.

A couple other points very quickly, as far as testimonials and placebo effect, Marcus has multiple videos on PEMF therapy, and has said a number of times that low intensity is placebo at best. But we have some animal and horse testimonies. Animals have no placebo. Those are some of the most powerful testimonials. So please do look at some of our testimonial links below. And you’ll see life-changing testimonials. Everything from cancer, Parkinson’s, MS, stroke, kidney failure, pain of all forms. You don’t need high intensity for pain relief. We get amazing pain relief testimonials all the time. Lyme disease, dental. Muscular Dystrophy, chronic fatigue, diabetes, wound healing, tinnitus, and many others. Again, I have a few testimonial playlists below. There’s a lot more powerful video testimonials with low intensity systems than there are with high intensity systems.

iMRS in Use in Clinics

Another thing that is said that is very incorrect is that the iMRS is not used in clinics. He says that he’s been to all these clinics, and none of them use low intensity. Well, that is just flatout false. In fact, I have a couple doctors to get back to who just today, the day that I’m recording this video, that have the iMRS in their clinic. A low intensity system. Don’t believe that the iMRS is not used in clinics. It’s used in hundreds of clinics, as is the Bemer, and the other low intensity systems.

He also mentions that the iMRS is MLM. It’s not MLM. Let me just put that to rest. The company Swiss Bionic has two business models. One is the Omnium, which is MLM. And that’s a different PEMF device. It’s a portable, tablet based system. The iMRS sold direct-marketing. It’s not MLM. That changed back in 2013.

In conclusion, I want to reiterate. I think Marcus and Truly Heals is doing a lot of great work in the realm of natural healing. I just think that they are off when it comes to their advice on PEMF. And many times just flat out wrong. Which is provable by science. So don’t believe the hype. Do your research. Really look into some of the links I have below so you can see for yourself that low intensity is the safest, most powerful, and most effective form of PEMF therapy that you can use in the comfort of your home every day and get results over the long term.

I’ve put together a playlist, called the Myth of High Intensity. I have those links below as well. Feel free to do your research and get the whole story. Whether you agree with high intensity or low intensity, at least look at both sides. There are usually two sides to every story. And that’s why I’ve put together all these videos to make the case. My personal opinion is high intensity may have a place in the clinical setting under a doctor’s supervision that’s trained in using high intensity. For a short period of time. But I firmly stick to my belief for both day to day use, for results, for safety reasons, that the unit you want in your home is a low intensity system. Low intensity, low frequency, Earth-based system. Like the iMRS 2000. That’s the unit I recommend. And I personally like to use. Thank you for reading. For more information, check out my book, PEMF- the 5th Element of Health, and my website, Have a great day.


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