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PEMF Therapy for Weight Loss? Yes

Hello, this is Bryant Meyers, author of PEMF: The Fifth Element of Health. I’m really excited about this video because this video is about how PEMF can help with weight loss, especially with burning fat in those stubborn areas, which for men are the love handles and the stomach – or abdomen – and for women it’s typically the thighs and the hips, and also the stomach as well.

PEMF Weight Loss
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Microcirculation is Key

There’s new research showing how microcirculation and improved circulation might be one of the keys to both why traditional spotreduction techniques and exercises don’t work, and how PEMF therapy, in conjunction with proper diet and exercise and actually help you to improve the circulation which, as we’ll see, might be one of the main keys to burning fat in those stubborn areas.

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Certain fatty areas which are mainly the stomach and low back areas in men, and thighs and hips in women receive a poorer blood flow than visceral fat, which is fat at the center of the body around the organs. If there is little blood flow from those areas, they are not able to dump their fats into the blood to burned for energy. How can you possibly burn fat if your body’s fat cells aren’t able to dump their fatty acid contents into the blood where they have the potential to be burned? They cannot!

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Even if you are in a state where you’re burning lots of body fat, i.e., if you’re on a weight-loss diet or exercise program, very little of that fat you’re burning will be coming from those stubborn areas I mentioned that have the poorer blood circulation. This is why most spot-reduction exercises and methods to burn stubborn fat just don’t work; like doing abdominal crunches for example to burn stomach fat. Again, the key is circulation, as we’ll see.

So the bottom line is: poorer blood flow equals poorer fat loss, better blood flow equals better fat loss. It’s real simple.

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Here’s a fun test you can do to prove this point. Buy a forehead thermometer and take the skin temperature of different parts of your body. In particular, take the temperature of the hard-to-burn-off fatty areas that you have. What do you notice? The answer is: You’re going to notice they are a lot colder than other areas of your body. In fact, depending on how much fat you have, it can be up to four to five full degrees – or even more – colder than certain other areas of your body.

PEMF Weight Loss

This is not a coincidence. Areas that are hard-to-burn fat are primarily that way due to lack of blood flow to that region. Therefore, they are significantly colder. In other words, fatty acids may indeed be getting released from the cells in our hard-to-burn-off fatty areas, but due to poor circulation to those areas most of those released fats do not even make it into the blood stream where they have the potential to be burned. So they end up being deposited right back into the fat cells they originated from, essentially being locked off in that area. This is why this is called “stubborn fat.”

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If we can somehow cause a specific fatty area of our body to have all of the blood vessels dilated and filled up with blood, along with releasing their glycerol and fatty acids into the blood stream, then we have the key to targeting fat loss to specific areas in our body. It turns out that PEMF therapy, like the iMRS2000, affects both the blood circulation to improve that blood flow into those fatty areas, as well as it stimulates the release of fatty acids from the fat cells.

If you’re not actively doing nutrition and lifestyle intervention to lose fat, you may get some results. But the results are going to be greatly by doing all three; that is, diet, exercise and PEMF.

So think of PEMF more as a tool to amplify fat loss effect from diet and exercise rather than a tool to lose fat by itself; although we have a few testimonials where that is the case. But still, when you do it all together you’re going to get the very best result.

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OK, so you can target fat loss in specific areas by increasing circulation, so how is it that PEMF improves circulation? I have gone over this in other videos, but interestingly, PEMF therapy is the only energy medicine device I know that improves microcirculation in three ways. In fact, it’s the only three ways you can improve circulation.

  • It helps to dilate the blood vessels by increasing nitric oxide.
  • It improves the red blood cell separation – or it dissipates the Rouleaux effect – by increasing the cellular charge. Remember, like charges repel, so that’s going to help the blood to flow better through the capillaries, because the capillaries only allow one red blood cell at a time, and even there it folds in half a little bit. So if all your red blood cells are clumped together, that is going to definitely impede blood flow.
  • PEMF and magnetic therapy in general have been proven to lower the viscosity of water.

When you put all of these three things together what you have is PEMF is improving circulation. And with regard to this video, it’s improving the circulation in your fatty tissue.

On top of that, PEMF helps the fat cells release fatty acids from the cell. And it does that in two ways:

PEMF Weight Loss

Number one, it helps improve what’s called “electroporation” which I’ve talked about in other videos. Take a look at this image. You can cell the pores of the cell actually opening up. We do have, along with sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium channels, we also have protein, carbohydrate and fat – or lipid – channels. By opening up those cellular channels your cells are going to be able to dump fat into the capillaries where then the fat can be transported to the muscle cells to be burned as energy, or wherever your body need energy. Your brain cells also require a lot of energy.

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And, because PEMF is lowering the surface tension of water, it’s helping to emulsify the fat. You can see in this image here where you have two different waters and oil separating with the higher surface tension water. And you can see it’s emulsified – or all mixed together – with a lower surface tension water.

PEMF Weight Loss

In this slide showing three images you can see fat before, during and after. What PEMF will do is to break up the fat into smaller molecules that the cells can more easily release into the blood stream.

That’s a great one-two punch! PEMF is actually helping the fat cells to release fat by making the fat more emulsified, and by opening the channels. And it’s improving circulation so that the body can then take to where it needs to be burned as energy. Isn’t that exciting?

So, here’s a little for what you can do before you exercise. You can first take the pillow pad and put it over the stomach, the love handles, over your thighs, your hips – wherever it is that there’s the build-up of fat. And if you have the iMRS2000 obesity, it’s in the iGuide. If you don’t have the iGuide, I’m just going to give you a little preview. I’m going to share, because I’m very generous.

You can see, here’s an image of the iGuide settings for obesity. You can do the full body mat first, then the pillow pad; we always like to do the full body mat twice a day. Just follow these protocols; you can see it’s 16 minutes, level 200.

PEMF Weight Loss

Just put the pillow pad over the area before you work out. Give it some time, but I promise you this is going to help. Whether you feel it or not, it is doing all those aforementioned things that I said about helping the body to release fat in the bloodstream so then the muscles cells, or the body, can use that fat for energy.

Seven Additional Ways PEMF Helps with Weight Loss

Besides improved circulation there are also seven more ways that PEMF helps with weight loss.

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  • It increases metabolism and improves thyroid function
  • It helps with detox and bowel regularity, because a lot of weight is stored in your colon. The average person has 10-20 pounds of mucoid plaque that’s not going anywhere.
  • It helps to burn cellulite by detoxing the body of toxic chemicals. When you detox chemicals, sometimes cellulite is there to push toxic chemicals away from the vital organs, so this is another way that PEMF helps; in this case it’s lymphatic circulation to detoxify the body, and then body won’t need the cellulite any more once the toxins are gone.
  • It improves sleep. There is good research to show that weight-burning hormones like HGH are produced when we get deep sleep. Also, when you sleep well at night you’re less likely to do that midnight snacking.
  • PEMF gives you more energy so you’re more likely to exercise; that’s kind of a psychological reason.
  • PEMF reduces stress. There is a lot of research to show how PEMF helps the body to get more into a parasympathetic state, which is the rest, digest, and heal mode. This lowers cortisol, and its been proven that cortisol is linked to belly fat.
  • PEMF (as I’ve shown in other videos) helps the body to heal and regenerate itself if you have any kind of injury that prevents you from exercising.

So, using PEMF for weight loss isn’t wishful thinking – it’s actually backed by science; mainly due to microcirculation, but also due to the seven other things I mentioned.

I want to conclude this video with some proof. Here’s a testimony from Patty King, who is a chiropractor and acupuncturist who had three patients that lost a significant amount of weight using the iMRS2000.

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Hi! I’m Patty King. I’m from Kansas City, Missouri. I bought a professional iMRS in June. I’m a chiropractor/acupuncturist. I’ve used the obesity on three of my patients and two of them lost, in two weeks, almost 15 pounds. And I have another patient we used the – first I used the pad for obesity to treat the whole body – or [rather] the mat – and then afterwards I used the pad wherever the patient wants to lose weight; and so, I put it on the abdomen. And, my one patient lost almost three inches in one week. So, I’ve had great results with professional iMRS, and I recommend it highly. Thank you.


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