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17 Reasons Why the iMRS 2000 is the Best PEMF Device

PEMF – the 5th Element of Health. Illustration

This is Bryant Meyers, author of the book PEMF – the 5th Element of Health. This is my update on the 17 reasons why I think the iMRS 2000 is the best PEMF device. It’s still #1 in my opinion, it’s the one I use, and the one I’ve seen the best results with. I feel it’s the best researched, and it’s the one that’s most in alignment with nature.

Reason #1: The iMRS uses proven Earth-based frequencies.

The Earth-based 0-50 Hz. frequency range is also the most proven frequency range based on research. The Schumann Resonance, with harmonics, is roughly 7.83 Hz up to 45 Hz. The geomagnetic frequencies start in the very low sub-hertz, and then tie in very nicely up to the Schumann Resonance.

The Schumann Resonance, with harmonics, is roughly 7.83 Hz up to 45 Hz.

The iMRS with the four settings goes all the way to cover the entire spectrum of Earthbased frequencies. It’s not only the most natural, but it’s the most research proven.

Rays: Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta

Reason #2: The iMRS has a built-in circadian rhythm clock.

This helps you get the right frequency for the right time of day. It’s really straightforward and simple. I don’t know why a lot of other PEMF companies don’t do this. Between low delta and high beta, the brain operates in the same frequency ranges as the Earth-based frequencies. The iMRS gives you beta frequencies in the morning to energize you. And in the evening you get the relaxing delta and theta frequencies.

Reason #3: The iMRS has a perfect range of intensities.

The iMRS goes really low, down to nano-tesla. This is important for people who are chemically sensitive. Even the research on certain conditions shows that the really low intensities seem to work better.

And the iMRS goes up high enough to get through the body and a few feet above. The iMRS full body mat goes up to 70 micro-tesla, and the applicators go up to 300 microtesla for localized pain relief. As I’ve discussed before, more is not better. Frequency resonance is the key. The iMRS field extends several feet above the full body mat. This intensity range along with the frequencies has been proven to be safest by the DIN, ICNRP, and other leading agencies around the world.

Reason #4: The iMRS uses proven waveforms.

The saw tooth waveform is probably one of the best researched waveforms along with the square wave. The research goes all the way back to the 1970’s with Dr. Bassett and all the original research on PEMF. The reason that it works so well is that you get bundles of frequencies and amplitudes that resonate with different tissues and cells. You’re getting all the right frequencies and amplitudes. Different tissues respond to different frequencies. Rapid rise and fall is the best for improving voltage potential and energization of the cells.

Rapid rise and fall is the best for improving voltage potential and energization of the cells.

Reason #5: The iMRS uses a squarewave.

The squarewave has a rapid rise and fall. Together with the saw tooth it’s one of the most researched waveforms. The most notable study on the squarewave is the study done by Dr. Goodwin with NASA. He found that a 10 Hz, low frequency, low intensity squarewave was the most effective waveform for healing and regeneration.

Reason #6: The iMRS uses pure copper coils.

The iMRS uses tightly-wound pure copper coils

Tightly wound pure copper coils give you the purest signals. Think of these coils as speakers, giving you the highest fidelity signal. You also get better higher harmonics. The iMRS covers the full range of the Earth’s frequencies with a clean, pure signal.

Reason #7: The iMRS full body mat uses a graduated intensity.

Graduated intensities help the body absorb magnetic fields that mimic natural fields. The head and the neck and the torso are more sensitive than the legs and extremities, and the full body mat takes these differences into account with graduated intensities.

Power adapter

Reason #8: The iMRS has the best local applicators.

I’ve dissected several PEMF devices and looked inside. I’ve done this with units including the Medithera, the Bemer, and the OMI. I can tell you it’s obvious when you see the tightly wound pure copper of the iMRS that it’s the best quality. It provides the strongest and most effective magnetic flux. That’s important for localized pain relief.

iMRS2000 Probe

Reason #9: The iMRS has interactive heart rate variability biofeedback.

This is one the biggest distinguishing features between the iMRS and anything else that’s out there. The iMRS automatically adjusts the full body mat intensity based on what your body needs. It takes all the guesswork out of which intensity to use. The biofeedback automatically adjusts the intensities based on what your body needs. It uses a heart rate variability algorithm that is a feature that only the iMRS offers.

The iMRS has interactive heart rate variability biofeedback.

Reason #10: The iMRS has an integrated light and sound system.

This is a brain entrainment system that uses frequencies that are in alignment with the full body mat. It helps to synchronize both hemispheres of the brain so you feel more balanced and peaceful. It may help to improve your creativity and intelligence.

The iMRS has an integrated light and sound system.

Reason #11: The iMRS has 284 Preprogrammed Conditions in the iGuide.

This is based on 10 years of research. This further takes the guesswork out of which intensities to use and how long to do each session. You have 284 conditions programmed into your unit that covers most everything. The iGuide is useful for the pillow pad and local applicators.

The iMRS has 284 Preprogrammed Conditions in the iGuide
The iMRS switches polarity to reduce acclimation

Reason #12: The iMRS switches polarity to reduce acclimation.

The switching of polarity every two minutes helps to reduce habituation and acclimation. The biofeedback and triple saw tooth waveform also help to reduce habituation. Of all the units on the market, the iMRS offers the most variation and the most flexibility, so it’s the one that you’re least likely to get habituated to. I’ve been using every day for 10 years with great results.

Reason #13: The iMRS plug filters out electro-smog.

The plug filters out the 60 Hz AC signal at the wall. You get a clean DC signal going into the unit that is then modulated into the Earth-based frequencies.

Reason #14: You get the best training and support.

I am personally training people who work with Not only will I share everything I’ve learned over the past 20 years on energy medicine with you, but I’m a certified nutritionist, so I can help you with nutrition. There’s a lot of things I can share that no one else selling iMRS devices can.

Reason #15: The iMRS is produced by an established company.

The company has been around since 1996, and the unit itself has been through five generations and is continuing to evolve. The iMRS is probably one of the oldest and most proven PEMF systems. And it has a three year warranty so you know you’ll always get support down the road.

The iMRS is produced by an established company

Reason #16: The iMRS is fully compliant.

It has FDA registration, Health Canada approval, and many leading safety and quality certificates. This means the iMRS has quality proven by third-party government agencies, so you know you’re getting the best quality device.

Reason #17: Research and Validation.

The iMRS has some of the best research and validation of any PEMF device. There’s almost 100 video testimonials and well over 1,000 written testimonials. There are hundreds of clinical case studies. There are three double-blind research studies. We have dozens of live blood before-and-afters. I worked with someone on infrared thermography, and we have dozens of before-and-after images. We have electro-interstitial scan (EIS) and bio-impedance analysis results. We did studies with the Psy-Tek Labs that looked at EIS and heart rate variability. We’ve been featured in American Chiropractor and other leading publications.

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