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17 Reasons Why the iMRS is the #1 PEMF Therapy Device

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I’m Bryant Meyers, author of the book “PEMF – the 5th Element of Health.” I want to give you 17 really good reasons why I like the iMRS PEMF device (and previously the MRS 2000) over all the other devices that I’ve tried. Actually, I’ve used and tried out about a dozen different PEMF devices, and owned six myself personally. At the time it was the MRS 2000 that worked best for me out of all the devices. I noticed better sleep the very first night. This was a time in which I had insomnia. I also felt more energy the next day, and it was very tangible. I could really feel the results.

So, here are 17 reasons why the iMRS is the best PEMF device available today.

Reason #1:

The iMRS is the only full-body mat PEMF device that I’ve found that primarily uses the frequencies of the Earth. Some of the other full-body mat devices claim to, but they have hidden frequencies present on every setting in the 250, 500, and 1,000 Hz range. So you have to read the fine print. As I discuss in my book, these 0-30 Hz frequencies are the frequencies that the Schumann resonance in the Earth, and the higher harmonics of Schumann, are the frequencies that our tissues and cells respond to. And these are actually the frequencies that we project, according to Zimmerman and Sato’s studies in Japan. And also it’s very common knowledge that our brain state from low Delta to high Beta goes from 0-30 Hz. That’s just standard, medical knowledge. So the #1 reason is that the iMRS uses exclusively Earth-based frequencies.

The iMRS has a built-in biorhythm clock

Reason #2:

The iMRS has a built-in biorhythm clock. This is great because it gives you the right frequency for the time of day. For example, in the morning you’re getting primarily around 15 Hz, which is a Beta brain-state frequency. This helps to wake you up and energize you so you can be more alert in the morning. In the evening programs it uses primarily more of the Theta/Delta frequencies, which helps you to wind down, relax and get ready for sleep. So, it’s very in tune with your biorhythm, and what you need for the time of day.

The iMRS uses safe yet strong-enough intensities

Reason #3:

The iMRS uses safe yet strong-enough intensities. The iMRS has an ideal range from the nano-Tesla, for the people who are really sensitive, up to even 300 micro-Tesla on the new probe. So it’s great for both sensitive people, and for localized pain relief that needs a little higher intensity. These intensities are always in the range deemed safe by different governing agencies, like the DIN and other worldwide organizations that set safety levels for intensity. So, you’ve got a good, strong-enough intensity that’s still safe. I also like that it’s a graduated intensity, so you’re getting a higher intensity toward the feet and a lower intensity toward the head. The head and neck are more sensitive.


Reason #4:

The iMRS uses research-proven waveforms; the saw tooth and the square wave. The iMRS PEMF system uses the proven saw tooth waveform which provides the cells with a full-frequency spectrum simultaneously that will resonate with different tissues. As Siskin & Walker showed different tissues in the body respond to different frequencies, primarily within the 0-30 Hz range. When you use a saw tooth and the harmonics of a saw tooth you are getting a broader frequency spectrum. It’s also a rapid rise and fall, which relates to the new waveform which is the square wave.


The square wave was the particular waveform that NASA found to be the most effective for healing and regeneration. They found specifically that low intensity, low frequency (around 10 Hz) and a rapid rise and fall (which both the saw tooth and square wave have) was the most ideal signal for healing and regeneration. In fact, they found that lower intensity worked better than higher intensity, and the lower frequencies worked better than the higher frequencies. And the rapid rise and fall saw tooth and square wave worked better than a sine wave or the more simplistic waveforms that don’t have a rapid rise and fall.

Reason #5:

The iMRS uses tightly-wound pure copper coils

The iMRS uses tightly-wound pure copper coils. The iMRS has three pairs of tightlywound coils and this gives you a pure magnetic field. Some of the competitors use basically plastic tubing with copper inside, but they wind it in a way that’s more of a oval and the spacing in between isn’t very tight, so the field lines bleed off and you’re not getting a pure magnetic field. The purest magnetic field is very tightly-wound, circular coils.

Reason #6:

The iMRS uses tightly-wound pure copper coils

The iMRS uses a full-body mat. You definitely want to get a full-body mat PEMF device to tap into the amazing benefits. When Dr. Oz promoted PEMF therapy on TV as one of the greatest breakthroughs for pain relief he was very specific on recommending a full-body mat device. I do agree with that because you want to energize the whole body first, before you go onto to local application with the applicators.

he iMRS reverses polarity every two minutes

Reason #7:

The iMRS reverses polarity every two minutes. This is important because your body will acclimate or become adjusted to a signal.

Power adapter

Reason #8:

The iMRS minimizes “electro-smog” exposure. The power adapter that plugs into the wall will filter out the unhealthy 60 Hz AC current, and convert it to DC at the wall.

iMRS 2000 Unit

Reason #9:

The iMRS is digital, programmable, and easy to upgrade. There’s a lot of programmability and intelligence built in to the new iMRS. It’s definitely an upgrade from the previous MRS 2000.

The iMRS has a HRV advanced biofeedback system

Reason #10:

The iMRS has a HRV advanced biofeedback system, called the iMORE. The iMRS is the only PEMF system available in the U.S. with advanced biofeedback. This puts the iMRS on “auto-pilot” because it automatically adjusts the intensity of the unit based on a heart rate variability biofeedback. It also gives you a unique session every time you use it, further preventing habituation or acclimation to the unit. That definitely happens with the sine wave and simple magnetic mattress products. You just don’t get the same benefit over time that you would initially.

The iMRS has a HRV advanced biofeedback system

Reason #11:

The iMRS has an integrated light and sound system that helps to further bring the mind to deeper relaxation. It’s like a spa for the mind – it’s a nice addition. The frequencies in the light and sound system are synchronized to the frequencies of the mat, so it’s a nice synergy.

The iMRS has FDA registration

Reason #12:

The iMRS has FDA registration and it’s soon to be one of the few PEMF devices approved by Health Canada.

Reason #13:

The iMRS has leading safety and quality certificates, including but not limited to ISO 9001, ISO 13485, EEC 93/42 certification, CE/CB product safety certificates, and ISO 14791 risk management, among others. So it’s very well accredited.

Reason #14:

The iMRS is a reputable, long-standing German-based PEMF company with over 15 years experience. Since the late 1990’s the iMRS and the previous MRS 2000 have been world-wide leaders in PEMF therapy. There’s literally hundreds of thousands of case studies in both the German clinics and since then to really validate the effectiveness of the MRS 2000 (now the iMRS).

Reason #15:

The iMRS is one of the best values of any PEMF system on the market.

Reason #16:

The iMRS has a standard three-year warranty which is extendable to five years.

Reason #17:

The iMRS offers some of the best one-on-one training support, so you can be assured that when you get your device, you’ll really get results using it.


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