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The Healing Crisis

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Think about the times you have so much energy that you get inspired to clean your house, and fix or repair all the things that need fixing. Don’t you sometimes amaze yourself at just how much you can accomplish when you’re feeling energetic and healthy? If your energy is dragging it’s unlikely the house will get cleaned or repaired, and the same goes for your body.

PEMF therapy – and natural healing in general – is like that, in that you give your body more energy so that it can clean house; repair, rebuild, and heal itself. That means your body has more energy to begin removing years and years of toxic build-up. This can be rough at times, but you need to trust your body is healing itself.

A Healing Crisis

Depending on how old you are – which means how many years of accumulation – how healthy you are, how well you’ve taken care of yourself; there are a lot of variables, but these in general will determine how much toxic and unhealthy build-up you have in your body. The more toxicity you have, the greater can be the healing reaction.

A healing crisis – or healing reaction – is a temporary worsening of symptoms that occurs when the body is going through the process of healing itself through the elimination of toxins. It occurs when the body retraces old injuries, wounds, infections and other imbalances from the past, along with, as I mentioned, getting rid of years and years of toxic build-up. This is sometimes called the “bucket theory,” like a bucket a bucket filling up with toxins over the years, and you have to kind of dump that bucket; get rid of those toxins.

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To minimize, or possibly eliminate this healing reaction we want to increase the rate at which we remove these toxins. And you do this by opening and helping your four main channels of elimination to get rid of this toxic build-up; namely your bowel, your kidneys, your skin and your breath. We’re going to go through all of this in some detail in this video.

Here are some common symptoms of a healing crisis:

  • you might feel sleepy, you might feel lethargy
  • you might get a headache of feel heavy-headed
  • you might experience diarrhea, or smelly stool, or foul-smelling urine
  • you might experience flatulence, gassy stomach
  • you might break out in rashes, itchy skin, bad sweat, dandruff
  • sometimes you can get a nosebleed
  • a common healing reaction is flu-like symptoms where you feel like you have a fever coming on
  • also achy muscles and joints, and increased pain in certain areas of the body
  • along with insomnia and hyperactivity

These are all some of the possibilities that can happen when you use PEMF therapy or start any natural healing protocol.

Toxicity in the Body

Most people don’t really understand how the body heals itself. Actually, the body is constantly healing itself and striving toward perfect health. It’s almost like you have this holographic blueprint of perfect health, and the body is always working to try to build toward that. But years of toxic build-up get in the way, along with on a daily basis we keep adding more toxins to our body with unhealthy food, water, air, etc. We’re constantly being exposed to all kinds of chemicals, medications, infectious agents, heavy metals and so forth. And these all have to be removed by the body constantly to maintain optimal health. And usually the body is just kind of keeping its head above water every day so it can’t really do any deep cleaning because it’s always taking out the garbage of the current day.

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For an example of toxicity in the body: The average American has up to 15 pounds of hardened, rubbery toxic waste in their colon. This is sometimes referred to as “mucoid plaque.” I know about this, because I spent ten years working with a three-day colon cleanse product, and we saw all kinds of testimonials where this came out, including myself. It really is shocking to see this mucoid plaque come out. And that is a main source of toxicity. Dr. Bernard Jensen said, “The colon is the fertile mother of all disease.”

Also, the kidneys can become mucked up with kidney stones, and the circulation can start getting blocked. The liver can become fatty and cirrhosis can take place, the skin can become clogged where you have a lot of dead skin cells and your body is not able to sweat properly. Your breathing is shallow and you’re not really removing waste through your breath every day.

If these organs of elimination are all plugged up and mucked up it’s going to be more likely you’ll experience a healing crisis if you start eating better, but just know that this, too, will pass.

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This is just a temporary phase, and you have to remember that these years and years of build-up aren’t just going to evaporate overnight. Just think about all of the environmental toxins from our food, water, air, etc.

Healing and detoxing your body is simply taking toxins from point A to point B. Look at this little image here. You’re the circle – I’m not much of an artist so I’m just going to say, “You are the circle,” and the toxins have to go from point A to point B. Notice that that arrow crosses the boundary of the circle. That represents, metaphorically, your four organs of elimination, which I said are the skin, the bowel, the kidneys, the breath, and you can add to that tears, and nasal dripping, and the ears, sometime pus, and there are others as well; but mainly those four elimination channels.

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The problem for most people is that they want these years of toxic build-up to magically disappear with no symptoms or problems. I’ve got news for you – that will NEVER happen. I tell people there is no pill that’s like a little miniature black hole that’s just going to suck all of your toxins into another dimension! They have to go out. And if you just try to remove symptoms, you’re just pushing down that toxicity.

Dr. John Christopher

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Let me give you a story. Dr. Christopher, who I feel is one of the greatest herbalists the US has ever known, had a nasal formula. And he had patients who would complain because their nose started running. And he would say, “Hallelujah! It’s working!” This is counterintuitive. We typically want to suppress that. And this is what over-the-counter drugs do; they suppress the symptoms, and they push all of that phlegm, and all that pus back into the body. Do you think you’re going to heal by pushing all of that back in? Again, you’re just going to kind of run around being sort of like, “Oh yeah. I feel OK.” But you don’t feel great, right?

So to get to the next level, you really have to peel these layers of the onion.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, here. And there is a way to make this easier. I’m doing this video for people who are using the iMRS or a PEMF therapy device that experience these symptoms. But if you just start any good diet or natural healing protocol you’re probably also going to run into this. So, this video applies to pretty much all of natural healing, although specifically PEMF.

I teach people that when you start using PEMF, interestingly PEMF, even though it triggers a detox, but it also energizes your organs of elimination so that you can remove those toxins more effectively. We’re going to look at that. I just want to give you the solution, here.

Here are the ways that you can minimize the healing reaction. It has to do with increasing the rate at which you remove the toxins. This is simple mathematics. If your body is dumping toxins inside faster that your organs of elimination can eliminate them, of course you’re going to feel discomfort, because the toxic dumping is going faster than you can get rid of them. But what if you could increase the rate at which you could remove these toxins? You could definitely minimize – or possibly eliminate – the healing reaction.

The Bowels

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The first thing is the bowels. Of course, it goes without saying, you want your bowels to be moving at least two to three times a day. Some people think once a day is normal; and it’s not normal. And if you think once a day is normal, you really need to study natural healing more. You should be pooping two to three times a day. The healthiest countries in the world, they basically after every meal they squat and poop; like a half hour after every meal. These are countries that eat over 100 grams of fiber a day.

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So the first thing is getting your bowels to move. And I recommend Dr. Schultze’s Intestinal Formula #1 to help you with that. PEMF therapy is also going to help your colon in many ways, because sometimes people have diarrhea. A healing reaction can sometimes be in the other direction, where you’re not constipated, you’ve got diarrhea. So the nice thing about PEMF therapy is that it helps the peristalsis, calms the colon down, relaxes the colon muscles so that the colon can either speed up or slow down. But I do recommend the herbal support as well.

The Kidneys

The second thing is the kidneys. This is why I tell people before every PEMF session they should be drinking at least one glass of purified water, and you can put your water on the iMRS pillow pad to energize it. Drinking really low TDS water….(If you want to learn more about water, I have a whole module in my Energy Medicine course on water.) But basically, you want water that’s very clean and pristine, and you can energize it with the pillow pad. And add a little bit of minerals if you’re using reverse osmosis. There is a lot to say about the best water, but definitely look into getting the best possible water, drinking more because that will flush out your kidneys, and drinking less of soda pops and other man-made types of beverages.

So more water helps to flush the kidneys out; that helps the kidneys to remove toxic waste. Oh, and by the way, PEMF therapy helps to improve microcirculation in the kidneys so that the kidneys will remove waste more properly. The kidneys are like little filters, and if you don’t filter your water, your kidneys become the filter. Take a look at this image here.

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The Skin

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So, the other thing is sweating and the skin. PEMF therapy does help to open up the skin. You can see this image here of thermal imaging – there’s a lady here in town that did before-andafter’s, and she saw time and time again this increase in surface skin temperature because the circulation and microcirculation of the skin is opening up. That helps the skin to remove toxins, because you should be removing a couple of pounds of waste through your skin every day if your skin is healthy. And the way you can speed that up is to sweat more, like when you’re using a near-infrared sauna, and skin brushing which is one of the best things you could possibly do, and it hardly costs anything.

The Breath

The next thing is to breathe more deeply. Here is something a lot of people don’t know: if you measure how much waste is removed from the body every day, about 70% comes from the breath. We have about 20,000 breaths every day, so we want to make sure we’re breathing through the nose, breathing deeply. I tell people when they’re laying on the full body mat of the iMRS to focus on deep belly breathing. And I do have a module in my Energy Medicine course which is available online, where I go through proper breathing, and breathing re-training. And that really is important, considering 70% of the waste is removed through the breath. PEMF therapy actually opens up the microcirculation in the lungs, helps the alveoli to absorb oxygen and get rid of carbon dioxide. So, PEMF therapy is going to facilitate that process as well.

Along with those four elimination channels, which are kind of the four ways the toxins go from point A to point B as I showed, there are also two other system in the body that are really important. One is the liver and the other is the lymph.

The Liver

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So, the liver is your main detoxifying organ. The liver is one of the most complex organs in the body. The liver takes more energy than any other organ, based on one metabolic study. Obviously, the liver is doing a lot to produce enzymes, it’s detoxifying the body, it’s helping with digestion, it’s helping with the immune system. But one of the most important roles of the liver is methylating toxins and sort of pre-packaging toxic things in the body so that the bowels and the kidneys can get rid of them. So if your liver is not functioning properly, you’re definitely going to have an increased toxic load.

And the other is the lymph. The lymphatic system is kind of like your body’s sewage system. All of the cells are dumping toxins into the lymph and the lymph is transporting these toxins to those organs of elimination.

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Things you can do with the liver to improve liver function is PEMF. Put the pillow pad over your liver. It’s wonderful for energizing the liver. And of course, I do recommend a liver detox program. You can do a gall bladder flush, a liver cleanse. Dr. Schultze has a really good cleanses for the kidneys, the liver, the bowel. But do some research and do a good liver cleanse.

And for the lymph, PEMF also helps to open up the microcirculation not just of the cardiovascular system, but it opens up the microcirculation of the lymphatic system as well. And then you can do things like massage and skin brushing. Whole body vibration and rebounding are great for the lymph. There are certain gas plasma devices that can be helpful for the lymphatic drainage as well. But I prefer PEMF therapy when it comes to energy medicine.

Wrap Up

So in conclusion, PEMF therapy is helping the body to truly heal itself, not by suppressing symptoms, but by helping the body to clear out year and years of toxicity, of infections, of illness, of injuries, etc., so that the body can truly rebuild and become healthy and whole.

There are ways to minimize what is called, “the healing reaction,” or “the healing crisis.” The main way is to use PEMF therapy which does energize all of the organs of elimination. But also, do everything you can to make sure your bowels are moving, to make sure your kidneys are flushed with clean water, to make sure that you’re breathing deep, diaphragmatic breaths, to make sure that your skin is able to detox through skin brushing and sauna therapy. And also be sure to move your lymph with massage and skin brushing and rebounding. And energize your liver with PEMF therapy, and do a good liver flush to help your liver.

So, thanks for watching! Make sure to subscribe to this channel, because I’m going to be releasing many more videos soon, including a new “Science of PEMF” series, to really educate you on the physics and science of PEMF. So stay tuned for that!


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